Shouldn’t youth be taught the truth about marriage?

It’s no novelty that the enemies of the Holy Church try to manipulate the words of the ecclesiastical hierarchy in favor of their own illegitimate interests.

After all, the influence of pastors over souls is considered excessive by those who would like a world without God. So, they try to deviate it from its true objective: in the last few decades, it has been increasingly common to see this attempted with the teachings of the Popes. But, with God’s help, the truth has always triumphed: clear statements have shed light on this era in which the distinction between good and evil seems ever more blurred. Brave pronouncements, such as those of Paul VI, John Paul II, or more recently, Benedict XVI, have disregarded the world’s scorn and gone against the tide of generalized relativism.

And Catholics have heartily welcomed these pronouncements, for we are really in need of convictions based on the immortal rock of the Church’s faith.

One of the topics that most requires this clarity is that of family morals, frequently attacked on all fronts. That’s why there is nothing better than learning how to avoid imprecise expressions…Let’s take a look at what examples we have received in this regard, on one hand from Pope Francis, and on the other from the former Pontiffs. Read further…

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  1. Some of your links are dead and going to a different page as though DzB has moved. How can we find the “read further” pages?

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