If sects no longer exist, is ‘everyone’ the church now?

On the way to Damascus, Saul thought of nothing but persecuting the followers of the Messiah. His hatred for the one called Christ was not limited to merely despising him, but also demanded action to eliminate what he considered to be the worst deviation emerging from within Judaism. With this in view, he leaves Jerusalem to carry out a vicious campaign…but shortly afterwards, he – far from what he could ever have imagined – was miraculously enflamed with love for the Crucified One, and began to preach in favor of Him whom he had formerly persecuted.Continue Reading

Francis and the problem of suffering – how to understand this ‘vale of tears’

Antonietta Meo was born in Rome, in the year 1930, the fourth daughter of upright and believing parents. At home she learned the first truths of the faith, while the Catholic atmosphere of Rome at the time also contributed favorably toward her religious formation.Continue Reading

At the center of our faith: Jesus Christ or the human person?

The Catholic faith we received on the day of our Baptism is centered on the person of Jesus Christ, only begotten Son of the Father, Lord of all creation, and Redeemer of humanity. Continue Reading

Poverty, what crimes are committed in thy name!

“Oh Liberty, what crimes are committed in thy name!” These were the last words pronounced by Madame Roland, one of the vital participants of the French Revolution, before she lay her head on the block to be guillotined. Continue Reading

Is clericalism an attitude that has nothing to do with Christianity?

By instituting ordained ministers in his Church, Our Lord Jesus Christ inaugurated “the most elevated dignity among all of the hierarchies of the earth”, a new category of men called to actuate in persona Christi, in order to dispense the treasures of the redemption to sinful humanity, as authentic mediators between heaven and earth. These men chosen by Christ himself are participants of the authority with which He forms, sanctifies and rules his Mystical Body, and their dignity is even greater than the angels.Continue Reading

Why study theology? Just feed the poor!

The word ‘charity’ almost always brings to mind material aid offered to the needy. And this it is: almsgiving is a praiseworthy habit, which has always been promoted by Holy Mother Church. Continue Reading

On the Cross, did the Divine Lamb rebel against the Father?

Why does suffering exist? What have I done to deserve suffering? These are some of the questions that people ask themselves ever since the world began. But one can never find the right answer entirely without placing Christ in the center, because only Jesus taught this truth with the example of his own life.Continue Reading

Francis’ intriguing criteria for the nominations of Bishops

‘The sheep follow him, because they recognize his voice’ (Jn 10:4). The suggestive imagery of the shepherd with his flock is almost a synonym of the Episcopal ministry in the Church. Continue Reading