A message for our days…


The Star that indicated the cradle of the just born Redeemer for twenty centuries shines even today marvelously in the skies of Christanity. The nations are in an uproar, the peoples mutter in vain and the kings of the earth stand up, the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD [Psalm 2:1-2]. Through all the storms in the human world, the Star never knew, does not know and will never know sunsets; the past, present and the future is hers. She teaches us never to despair: continues shining over all peoples of the earth, as over roaring sea storms, filled with dark clouds, full of ruins and calamities. Its light is a light of consolation, of hope, of an unwavering faith, of life and of certainty of the final triumph of the Redeemer, which will lead to a torrent of salvation, inner peace and glory to all those who, raised to the supernatural order of grace, have received the power to become children of God, because they are born of God. (Christmas Radio Message of Pius XII, December 24, 1941 – Spanish)

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