13 – How can we go on in a culture that does not care about the family? I do not have the recipe

The crisis affecting the institution of the family in today’s society is amply recognized by all. Faced with this situation, Catholics who want to remain faithful to the teachings of the Church, naturally seek in the Church the correct path and true solutions they need.
However, it’s disconcerting to hear certain affirmations being made… has the Church renounced her task as Mother and Teacher of the faithful? Does the Magisterium have something to say in response to the concerns brought up by so many families?



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Teachings of the Magisterium

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John Paul II

The Church has the decisive answer to every one of man’s questions
In the field of conjugal morality the Church is Teacher and Mother
There is no difficult situation that cannot be adequately confronted by a genuine Christian life
The Church has learned the right path for the family from Christ Himself
The Church’s task to announce the truth with respect to matrimony
A serious pastoral omission: not to proclaim the truth about marriage and the family
Rediscovering the original divine plan for the family is of decisive importance
Marriage and the family are ordained to Christ and need His graces
Christ: the solution to protect the family from a destructive ‘anti-civilization’
Urgent need of a broad catechetical effort to strengthen families

Benedict XVI

To safeguard the family: swim against the tide of prevalent culture
Be committed Christians: a culture favorable to the family flows from faith lived with courage
The duty of Pastors: presenting the extraordinary value of marriage

Paul VI

Like Her divine Founder, the Church is destined to be a ‘sign of contradiction’ – She cannot act differently toward men than did the Redeemer

Pius XII

The formula: instruct the faithful well concerning matrimony


The family cannot be restored by those laws established in the Church by her Divine Founder

Catechism of the Catholic Church

Christ alone gives spouses strength and grace to ‘receive’ the original meaning of marriage and live it

Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

However great the difficulties, Bishops must instruct the faithful in the moral teaching

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Ecumenism of Blood is a Priceless Contribution toward Christian Unity.

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  1. There’s a typo, I believe, in the quote by Leo XIII: the family cannot be restored… Shouldn’t it be Cannot be restored without…?

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