We, the administrators of this page, are diocesan priests taken up by the many activities inherent to our ministry, at a time when workers in the Lord’s vineyard are consistently decreasing in number.

This work is carried out in the midst of our pastoral labor, with the satisfaction of fulfilling a duty of conscience. However, the more we are, the better, in order to reach our goal.

That is why we wish to encourage you to collaborate with “Denzinger-Bergoglio” by sending us doctrines of Francis which you believe should be made known, as well as documents of the Magisterium – along with those of Fathers or Doctors of the Church – which may serve to enrich this Enchiridion.

We know that together we can contribute elements of discernment for many disoriented Catholics, but that in the end the ship of the Church will arrive safely at port. Perhaps the Lord is awaiting your collaboration.

Due to this, we encourage you to colaborate with The “Denzinger-Bergoglio”, following our varied social networks and forwarding this page among your friends.

We also invite you to create channels of divulging information stored on our website. And, if you have any interesting idea to enhance our Pages, do enter in contact filling up the form on this page. Our interest lies in facilitating the access to Denzinger-Bergoglio to all.

For the same reasons that we have decided to keep this work under the mantle of discretion, we will also protect your privacy, with the prudence proper to priests of Christ. We do not request anything besides documental contributions.

Thank you, and may God bless us all in this endeavor!

(Note: The identity of the authors of the feedback introduced below will ordinarily not be published, unless expressly indicated. If you wish to have your comments published, place them in the commentary boxes at the end of each article.)

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4 thoughts on “Participate!

  1. Another highly significant aspect of Pope Francis’ remarks to Religious is his use of the first person pronoun. To say that Religious not only are, but should be, sinners like everybody else is one thing. To demand that their witness be given in obedience to Jorge Bergoglio rather than to Christ is quite another. Read again what he says: “I want this witness of you.” What about Jesus Christ? Is he saying that those who profess the evangelical counsels are accountable to him rathervthan to Our Lord? I ask Denzinger Bergoglio to trace this disturbing aspect of the Holy Father’s thinking as well.

    • Very well pointed out. Francis seems to think that the Church is his and not of Jesus Christ. That’s what is most disturbing. Great point Justina – just wonder whether the poor fathers at this site have the hands or the time to go after each of this ‘pontiffs’ words.

  2. thank you for your good job of transletting the Spanish site into this English one. As a French Catholic we don’t have many things revealed in our free masonic press.
    I wish I had time to translate yours…
    Today I’ve heard that Francis and Protestants have written prayers together…..
    Have you heard about this?

    God bless you xx

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