Adrian VI…

… judges Francis’ ideas on the evangelization of the Americas

  • We order them to undertake such journeys and works

You made manifest to us your ardent desire to enhance the Christian Religion and to promote the conversion of the unbelievers, principally those who, having Christ as a guide, are subject to your power in the regions of the Indies. And so that in such a holy work the merit of obedience may not be absent, we ordain all of those who have been nominated, to undertake, following the example of the disciples of Our Lord Jesus Christ, such journeys and works, in this we firmly hope that in the same way they imitated them in their works, in a similar way they associate with them in rewards. And to the above-mentioned friars, we grant our Apostolic blessing with all our heart. (Adrian VI. Exponi nobis fecisti, May 10, 1522)

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