Congregation for the Cause of Saints…

…judges Francis’ idea on interpersonal relationships no longer need to seek purity and perfection

  • They sanctified themselves through, in, and by marriage

Among the vocations to which people are called by Providence, marriage is one of the most noble and elevated. Louis and Zélie understood that they could sanctify themselves not despite marriage but through, in, and by marriage, and that their nuptials would be considered as the starting point for a rising together. Today the Church does not only admire the holiness of these children of Normandy, a gift for all, but She is reflected in this Blessed couple who contribute to make more splendid and beautiful the gown of a bride married in the Church. She doesn’t only admire the holiness of their life; she recognizes in this couple the eminent holiness of the institution of conjugal love as conceived by the Creator himself. (Congregation for the Cause of Saints. Homily for the Beatification Mass of Louis and Celia Martin, October 19, 2008)

…judges Francis’ idea on selling off churches to feed the poor

  • A needy person could be selfish and cling on to the only coin that he possesses

The famous passage of the Beatitudes from Matthew’s Gospel, […] is addressed first of all to the ‘poor in spirit’, a biblical expression that refers to those who have a free heart and free hands. The Gospel category, so to speak, of the poor in spirit does not refer merely to the needy, since it is possible to possess nothing and yet be selfish, clinging to the only coin in one’s possession. On the contrary, this category denotes those who detach themselves from concrete and private things, who do not base their security and trust on goods, success, pride or the cold idols of gold and power but are rather open to God and to their brethren. (Congregation for the Cause of Saints. Homily of Cardinal José Saraiva Martins for the Beatification of Sister Giuseppina Nicoli, February 3, 2008)

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