Cornelius a Lápide…


…judges Francis’ defense of the Jovinian heresy

  • It is indisputable that virginity and celibacy are much are excellent than matrimony

It is indisputable that virginity and celibacy are much more excellent than matrimony. 1. Because the body and the spirit are conserved incorrupt and incorruptible, 2. There is, in this, a high degree of perfection. 3. Temperance is demanded, which is a heroic virtue: which is in the power of God (Lk 1:51). Saint Fulgence saw so much and so sublime a virtue in virginity that he defined the word virgin as deriving from virtue (Epist. III, Ch. IV). Saint Aldhelm, bishop of the Saxons says: There are three states in the Church: Virginity, celibacy, and matrimony. If you wish to know and establish the excellence and the merit of each of these states, compare virginity with gold, celibacy with silver and matrimony with iron; virginity with richness, celibacy with abundance, and matrimony with poverty. Virginity is peace; celibacy is liberty and matrimony slavery. Virginity is the sun; celibacy is the moon; and matrimony, darkness. Virginity is queen, celibacy, a knight; and matrimony a servant (De Laud. Virg. c. IX). (Cornelius a Lapide. The treasures of Cornelio a Lapide, The excellence of virginity)

…judges Francis’ idea that Christ was stained by sin

  • To say of ourselves that we were sin is folly; to say it of Christ, is blasphemy

Him who knew no sin. Experimentally, says St. Thomas, Christ knew no sin, though by simple knowledge He did, for He did no sin. Hath made Him to be sin for us. For us, says Illyricus, who were sin; because, he says, sin is the substance and form of our soul. But to say this of ourselves is folly, of Christ blasphemy. (Cornelius a Lápide. Commentary on the Second letter of Saint Paul to the Corinthians, Ver. 21)

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