Council of Constance (Ecumenical XVI)…

…judges Francis’ idea on the Church having defects

  • All mortal sins should be corrected and eradicated

Likewise, whether he believes that all mortal sins, particularly manifest, should be publicly corrected and eradicated.(Denzinger-Hünermann 1279. Council of Constance, Bull Inter cunctas, February 22, 1418)

…judges Francis’ idea on conversion of the papacy

  • Wycliffe condemned for denying that the Pope is the proximate and immediate representative of Christ and the apostles

[Condemned errors of John Wycliffe] 37. The Church of Rome is the synagogue of Satan (cf. Rev 2:9), and the Pope is not the proximate and immediate representative of Christ and the apostles.
40. The election of the pope by the cardinals was introduced by the devil.
41. It is not necessary to salvation to believe that the Roman Church is supreme among the other churches. (Denzinger-Hünermann 1187.1190-1191.Council of Constance. Session VIII, May 4, 1415)

  • John Huss taught that Christ governed better through his disciples scattered throughout the world

[Condemned doctrine of John Hus] 7. Peter is not nor ever was the head of the Holy Catholic Church.
9. The papal dignity has sprung up from Caesar, and the perfection and institution of the pope have emanated from the power of Caesar
15. Ecclesiastical obedience is obedience according to the invention of the priest of the Church, without the expressed authority of Scripture.
27. For there is not a spark of evidence that there should be one head ruling the Church in spiritual affairs, which head always lives and is preserved with the Church militant herself.
28. Christ through His true disciples scattered through the world would rule His Church better without such monstrous heads. (Denzinger-Hünermann 1207. 1209. 1215.1227-1228. Council of Constance, Session VIII, against Wycliffe, Hus, etc., May 4, 1415)

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