Eugene IV…

…judges Francis’ idea on conversion of the papacy

  • Papal authority is greater than the power of a General Council…

[Condemned doctrine:] The truth concerning the power of a general council representing the whole Church over the pope and anyone else, declared by the General Council of Constance and by this General council of Basel, is a truth of the Catholic faith. This truth, that the pope cannot in any way by his own authority dissolve a universal general council representing the whole Church that has duly met regarding the matters declared in the aforesaid truth, or any other matter, without its consent or defer it to another time or move it from one place to another, is a Catholic truth. Anyone pertinaciously rejecting the aforesaid truths is to be deemed a heretic.
[Condemnation:] These propositions described above, understood in the perverse sense of those gathered at Basel, which they display by their actions, We, with the sacred council approving, condemn and reject and declare to be condemned and rejected, as contrary to the true meaning of Sacred Scripture and of the holy Fathers and of the council of Constance itself, (condemning) also the aforesaid alleged decision about the declaration and privation (of authority), with all that follows from it and that may follow in the future, as being impious and scandalous and also tending toward the manifest schism of the Church of God and the confusion of all ecclesiastical order and Christian government. (Denzinger-Hünermann 1309. Eugene IV, Decree Moyses vir Dei, against the Council of Basel, September 4, 1439)

…judges Francis’ idea on Grace

  • The sacraments of the New Law contain grace, and confer it upon those who receive them worthily

There are seven sacraments of the new Law: namely, baptism, confirmation, Eucharist, penance, extreme unction, orders, and matrimony, which differ a great deal from the sacraments of the Old Law. For those of the Old Law did not effect grace, but only pronounced that it should be given through the passion of Christ; these sacraments of ours contain grace, and confer it upon those who receive them worthily. (Denzinger-Hünermann 1310. Eugene IV, Bull Exultate Deo, November 22, 1439Dz 695)

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