Eusebius of Caesarea…


…judges Francis’ idea on zeal for the liturgy, doctrine and prestige of the Church

  • After the persecutions, the Christian people celebrate with splendorous liturgical services

And we especially who placed our hopes in the Christ of God had unspeakable gladness, and a certain inspired joy bloomed for all of us, when we saw every place which shortly before had been desolated by the impieties of the tyrants reviving as if from a long and death-fraught pestilence, and temples again rising from their foundations to an immense height, and receiving a splendor far greater than that of the old ones which had been destroyed. […] Yea, and perfect services were conducted by the prelates, the sacred rites being solemnized, and the majestic institutions of the Church observed, here with the singing of psalms and with the reading of the words committed to us by God, and there with the performance of divine and mystic services; and the mysterious symbols of the Saviour’s passion were dispensed. (Eusebius of Caesarea, Church History, Book X, 2,2.3)

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