John IV…

…judges Francis’ idea that Christ was stained by sin

  • There was no sin at all in Christ, as certain heretics are known to rave

One and He alone is without sin, the mediator of God and of men, the man Christ Jesus (cf. 1Tim 2,5) who was conceived and born free among the dead (Ps 87:6). Thus in the dispensation of His sacred flesh, He never had two contrary wills, nor did the will of His flesh resist the will of His mind. . . Therefore, knowing that there was no sin at all in Him when He was born and lived, we fittingly say and truthfully confess one will in the humanity of His sacred dispensation; and we do not preach two contrary wills, of mind and of flesh, as in a pure man, in the manner certain heretics are known to rave. In accord with this method, then, our predecessor (already mentioned) [Honorius] is known to have written to the (aforenamed) Sergius the Patriarch who was asking questions, that in our Savior two contrary wills did not exist internally, that is, in His members, since He derived no blemish from the transgression of the first man. (Denzinger-Hünermann 496497. John IV, Epistle Dominus qui dixit to Constantius Emporor, 641)

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