Pontifical Council for Social Communications…

…judges Francis’ idea on the use of internet for catholic education

  • Media of communication can be used to corrupt

The new media are powerful tools for education and cultural enrichment, for commercial activity and political participation, for intercultural dialogue and understanding; and, as we point out in the document that accompanies this one,2 they also can serve the cause of religion. Yet this coin has another side. Media of communication that can be used for the good of persons and communities can be used to exploit, manipulate, dominate, and corrupt. The Internet is the latest and in many respects most powerful in a line of media — telegraph, telephone, radio, television — that for many people have progressively eliminated time and space as obstacles to communication during the last century and a half. It has enormous consequences for individuals, nations, and the world. (Pontifical Council for Social Communications. Ethics in Internet, no. 1-2, February 22, 2002)

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