…judges Francis’ attitude towards public sinners, changing Vatican protocol

  • The rays of the Savior’s righteousness put to flight the darkness of sin

Observe the gracious kindness of the Savior. The innocent associates with the guilty, the fountain of justice with covetousness, which is the source of injustice. Having entered the publican’s house, He suffers no stain from the mists of avarice, but disperses them by the bright beam of His righteousness. But those who deal with biting words and reproaches, try to cast a slur upon the things which were done by Him; for it follows, And when they saw it, they all murmured, saying, that he was gone to be guest with a man that is a sinner. But He, though accused of being a wine-bibber and a friend of publicans, regarded it not, so long as He could accomplish His end. As a physician sometimes cannot save his patients from their diseases without the defilement of blood, kind so it happened here, for the publican was converted, and lived a better life. Zacchaeus stood, and said to the Lord, Behold, Lord, the half of my goods I give to the poor; and if I have defrauded any man, I restore him fourfold. Behold here is a marvel: without learning he obeys. And as the sun pouring its rays into a house enlightens it not by word, but by work, so the Savior by the rays of righteousness put to flight the darkness of sin; for the light shines in darkness. (Pseudo-Chrysostom quoted by Saint Thomas Aquinas. Catena Aurea on Lk 19:1-10)

  • Jesus says: Bring them to me, that is, convert them to my glory

Like a vessel that has lost its rudder is tossed at the mercy of the storm, so man, when by sin he has forfeited the aid of Divine grace, no longer acts as he wills, but as the Devil wills. And if God, by the mighty arm of His mercy, do not loose him, he will abide till death in the chain of his sins. Therefore He saith to His disciples, ‘Loose them,’ that is, by your teaching and miracles, for all the Jews and Gentiles were loosed by the Apostles; ‘and bring them to me,’ that is, convert them to My glory. (Pseudo-Chrysostom, quoted by Saint Thomas Aquinas. Catena Aurea on Mt 21:1-9)

  • Avoid those who persist in evil

But someone may ask, how does Paul bid us, if we have a brother that is a fornicator or covetous man, with such not even to take food; whereas Christ was the guest of publicans? They were not as yet so far advanced as to be brethren, and besides, Saint Paul bids us avoid our brethren only when they persist in evil, but these were converted. (Pseudo-Chrysostom quoted by Saint Thomas Aquinas. Catena Aurea on Lk 19:1-10)

….judges Francis’ idea on the Church being closed

  • God does not give spiritual graces equally to the worthy and the unworthy

The Lord had commanded us to love our enemies, and to do good to those that sin against us. That from this Priests might not think themselves obliged to communicate also the things of God to such, He checked any such thought saying, ‘Give not that which is holy to the dogs;’ as much as to say, I have bid you love your enemies, and do them good out of your temporal goods, but not out of My spiritual goods, without distinction. For they are your brethren by nature but not by faith, and God gives the good things of this life equally to the worthy and the unworthy, but not so spiritual graces. (Pseudo-Chrysostom cited by Saint Thomas Aquino. Catena Aurea, Mt 7:6)

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