Saint Marcellinus…

…judges Francis’ idea on sects forming part of the Church

  • The impiety and perversity of Arius

First of all, the impiety and perversity of Arius and his followers were examined,… and it was unanimously decided to condemn his impious doctrine and the blasphemous utterances by which he expressed himself regarding the Son of God: maintaining in fact that he came from nothing and that prior to his birth he did not exist; he also said that the Son of God, through his free will, had capacity for both good and evil and called him a creature and something made. The holy council anathematized all of this, not wishing even to listen to this impious and insane doctrine or such blasphemous language. (Denzinger-Hünermann 130. Marcellinus, Synodal Letter to the Egyptians)

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