Denzinger-Bergoglio – now in English!!!

Yes, you read that right! The Denzinger-Bergoglio is now in English too!!

Making waves in the Spanish world, from Spain to all over Latin America, the Denzinger-Bergoglio has captivated the attention of millions of Catholics from all walks of life, in the relatively short period of time that it has been on air. And, moving beyond language barriers, it already attracts the attention of an ever-growing non-Spanish public.

And this, not only because of the excellent, and very timely, content. But also because it has already sparked debate. Or perhaps, it has sparked debate because of the content…

Just a few days after it was born, the original Denzinger-Bergoglio was placed on one of the most important Spanish Catholic pages.
But a few days later, it was taken off – without a word of explanation.
And people kept asking why.
Though the anonymous Spanish priests who are behind the Dz-B have maintained their polite discretion and have not said a word, it can be suspected that there are important people who would prefer to silence the Dz-B.

Why? Because absolutely no one has said what they are saying! Or rather, not saying: they just let the Magisterium speak.
And this, for some people, is uncomfortable.

That’s the reason we are now publishing the Denzinger-Bergoglio in English also. The infallible, unchanging and multisecular Magisterium of the Church cannot be silenced! And must be made available to the millions of the English-speaking faithful too.

Would you place a bet? This English version will also be very commented. Soon. But not because the bigger sites or the media will give this any publicity…

Spread the word: the Dz-B is now in English!



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