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This is an English version of the original Spanish “Denzinger-Bergoglio” page.

Behind this English version is a group of priests, who have received from our parishioners the same moving questions that had first led our Spanish brethren to publish the already famous original “Denzinger-Bergoglio”. Overjoyed by their inspired initiative, we were certain that it also responds to a deeply felt need on the part of millions of English-speaking faithful. And so, moved by pastoral care, we had individually written to those who run the Spanish page in order to press for an English version. Given the number of requests, we were put into contact with one another… With a little assistance, and a lot of prayer, here is ‘The Denzinger-Bergoglio’!

We are just starting out. But hope to shortly be able to publish our translations as soon as a post comes out on the original Spanish page. And also to put up their earlier issues.

And that is where you come in. All this requires much prayer. Do pray a lot for this initiative! And for each one of us – that God gives us the light and strength to be good pastors always and to go ahead in these troubled times.

But don’t only pray for us – your contribution is also desired: ora et labora. If certain statements in the media raise questions that you want answered, or if you have documents that can add to this study, please do not hesitate to send them to us. Your feedback and suggestions are also very welcome.

Above all, spread the word. Pass this on to all you know. Often. Repeatedly.  We cannot count on publicity from the mass media…

Why have we chosen to remain anonymous? Well, just like our Spanish counterparts, we do not want to give our Bishops problems. It is already not easy to be a Bishop these days… With their consent, but shielding them from any possible repression, we happily make time for this translation – between already too many pastoral obligations – out of love for the Church and for the good of souls.

It is not for us to judge anyone. That is the duty of the competent authorities. And we are just modest priests. All we want is to let the Magisterium of the Church be known. It alone separates error from Truth – human opinion is always fallible. So do not expect more from this page: we will throw a bit of light in a very confused world at a time when no one says a word.

With this page we attempt only to fulfill our duty, in obeying St. Paul: “I charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who will judge the living and the dead, and by his appearing and his kingly power: proclaim the word; be persistent whether it is convenient or inconvenient; convince, reprimand, encourage through all patience and teaching. For the time will come when people will not tolerate sound doctrine but, following their own desires and insatiable curiosity, will accumulate teachers and will stop listening to the truth and will be diverted to myths. But you, be self-possessed in all circumstances; put up with hardship; perform the work of an evangelist; fulfill your ministry” (2Tm 4:1-5).

The original Spanish page reveals this about its authors:

This page is administered by a group of diocesan priests who share mutual concerns, and undertook this initiative in search of coherent responses to the most pressing issues for members of the Church today. As such, we make the words of Blessed Paul VI our own:““We may understand, then, why the Catholic Church, yesterday and today, gives so much importance to the rigorous conservation of true Revelation, considering it an inviolable treasure, and why it bears such a rigorous sense of its fundamental duty in defending and transmitting the doctrine of the faith in unequivocal terms; orthodoxy is its first concern; the pastoral Magisterium its primary and providential function; the apostolic teaching affirms in fact the canons of its preaching; and the mandate of the Apostle Paul, Depositum custodi [Guard what has been entrusted to you] (1Tm 6:20; 2Tm 1:14), constitutes such a commitment for it, that its violation would be a betrayal. The teaching Church does not invent its doctrine; it is a witness, it is an interpreter, a mediator; and regarding the truths pertaining to the Christian message, it could be called conservative, intransigent; to the one who asks it to make the faith easier, more adapted to the caprice of the changing mentality of the times, it responds together with the Apostles: “Non possumus, we cannot” (Acts 4:20) (Paul VI, General Audience, January 19, 1972)

He who fears the Lord will not be timid, nor play the coward (Sir 34:14). However, in order to fulfill this undertaking and protect our bishops from potential pressure, we have decided to stay relatively discreet although our close acquaintances know us for the work we do.

We all share responsibility for the Church of the Lord. We invite you to leave your observations and any documental contributions in the commentary sections.

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50 thoughts on “Who are we?

  1. The Book of Truth’s messages, heavenly calling God’s children to avoid the false prophets. If you have time, I invite you to read “The Book of Truth,” that containing all the messages from Jesus and Our Lady also messages from God, the Father. Also pray and support our Priests, “Who are We,” then you will love to read Saint John the Apostle’s Revelation and you see the events of his prophecy also clear appearance in Vatican’s services.
    Today, LifeSiteNews.com provides the most devil’s actions such as providing condoms to the clergy, …. You and me, we pray for Illuminati gangs as soon as they completely act out their evil behaviors then who are still blinding their eyes, they may recognize the actions of Satan. So they may convert to God and support our “Who are We,” Fathers.

  2. Wishing you Peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year to “Who are We” Fathers. Hope that Jesus coming soon comfort the God’s Consecrated ones, who are laying down for their sheep be completed. So they could be relax with Jesus in New Jerusalem on earth with Jesus.

  3. Since he tripped in

    When he tripped in Vatican,
    Christians had thought the pope special,
    Thinking so much, the pope like all evil,
    Control he thought and do,
    persist he talks he likes homo-sexual,
    he applaud and praise who do demons’ the whole,
    adultery he proposed, his favorite fascinate,
    he plays dirty gaming homo, he delights.

  4. Dear Fathers, “Who are we!”
    I can image how encouraging for us all because we have special relation to the Fathers called: “Who are we”. Once I came to visit the faithful families are crying for getting a bad bad words from “holy father!” Some of people said. Their children asked them why mom and dad upset? Parents could not answer. Both Parents and children looking around to find someone may have some words to clear out their dark cloud in their minds.

    Everyone in the room quiet a moment! I said: “I have to go shopping, who want to go with me? Everyone want to go to vent out their heavy chests. Unfortunately, the weather is going to be raining! “Make pop-corn may be better. Everyone stood up and started to work for pop-corn, the quiet broke out.

    Who want to pray for the Fathers who named: “Who are we”? Children: “Me, me me…” Pray 1 Our Father and 10 Hail Mary? I asked. Yes, meme, Children said in reply. That why I can’t Image how warm emotion and love children offer to the Fathers who named: “Who are we”. They are special for young children and parents, also for all of us.

    Thank you so much for your sacrifices Fathers.

    Jesus and Mary love you and bless you, dear Fathers.

  5. Dear Fathers,

    Everyday, I go to St. Anthony’s Shrine to worship Blessed Sacramental adoration, I pray to him, I ask him to bless you a special Blessing for you are in adventurists such as climbing to Calve mountain with him. once, during I was praying in front of Monstrance, I asked Jesus to bless the Priests called “Who are we” Priests” who are working hard for you Jesus! Please bless them and their braved works:” .Jesus said to me in my heart: “I have a little group of them but I will multiply this group in many. Continue to pray for most of priests and Bishops who are going wrong way with devil ones, continue to pray so that my Consecrated sons may come back to me and work hard for me, for saving souls like the Priests as “Who are we?” group.”

  6. Dear Fathers,

    You are Priest in the line of Melchizedek,
    you are the chosen by God Father and Son.
    Be strong and be brave,
    neither be shaken nor be afraid
    Be heroes as Jesus your light, way and truth.
    Who love money and world power will be forever lost.
    Satan will control those who worship him,
    devil will lead those who world’s powerful,
    will be their friends of lying and burning forever.
    We pray for you everyday every night,

    Be courageous for being ones’ Holy Priests as second God.

  7. Please forgive me if I am wrong. Yesterday, when I was praying for Pope Benedict 16 and all clergy throughout the world to God, the Father to pour the Cardinals, … While I was praying, there was a question growed in my mind: ” Bergoglio is pope to serve gays only, not for Catholics?”

  8. Praise be to Almighty God that today you give us hope and encouragement as laiety who seek to keep The Truth alive in the midst of a time when we might despair. You are the Good News of our timeand be assured you will feature at the top of our prayer list as a Crusade prayer group Alleluia.

  9. All of this has been told by Jesus, God the Father and the Holy Spirit given to us in the Book of Truth! Many of Maria Divine Mercy’s prophecies have already come to fruition including all of you Sacred servants (priests ) who have formed this committee. May our Dear Lord bless and guide your work.

  10. God bless you all. I have been deeply troubled by many of tne Pope’s statements. My Faith is shaken but not lost. I pray that God will show us the way forward. The Church WILL prevail so we must trust the Lord. We must all support faithful priests as the hold the to truths in the deposit of faith.

    • The Church WILL prevail because Our Lord will always provide for brave and true priests like you.May God bless you!

  11. God bless these priests who bring clarity and authentic church teaching versus the confusion and errors of this papacy. Lord Jesus bless them and thank you for them

  12. 1. I have twice put a public notice in the local secular newspaper indicating websites relevant to the topic of the Church in crisis or compromised. One has been printed; the other is in the process. The one printed I photocopied from the newspaper and put about in church porches and in public places. Two of the church porch items have been taken, whether by an interested party or by a censor (I have no way of knowing) […]
    2. I have written letters to the editor of religious or secular newspapers . one on the subject of private revelation, one on the existence of much dissent from Catholics to LAUDATO SI (In this letter I adopted the role of an impartial observor of religious affairs, not of a polemicist) This was published under my name. NOTE I believe I have to be careful because I do not know who in my country (XX) I can trust in the local priests or hierarchy to preach authentic Catholic truth. If any trustworthy priests from XX exist in your network, know that x at least in the laity are very worried and do not feel we have heard anybody come out in public about this from the clergy. We feel let down. I have only just come across your site,

    • Thank you for the support. We receive a lot of feedback from troubled Catholics – and think it our duty to pray for them, as we will for you all there.
      We have one very active colleague from your country – which as you may have noticed was censored so as to protect your anonymity – and several others who send messages of support and gratitude. Courage! The Church is much stronger than the hype of mass-media would like us to believe.
      Do continue to spread the word.

  13. Do Christians and Muslims share the same God? Is God the same? Is it true saying that God has spoken to someones in a way to others in other way, but the important thing is sharing each own faith? Shouldn’t a Pope confirm that the only true Faith is the one revealed by Jesus? Shouldn’t a Pope invite Catholics to let the other know the Way, the Truth, the Life? from 4.30 min. on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oe1gl_rxFZc&feature=youtu.be&app=desktop
    ITALIAN: “Quelli che siete cristiani con la Bibbia e quelli che siete musulmani con il Corano, con la fede che avete ricevuto dai vostri padri, che sempre vi aiuterà ad andare avanti. Condividere anche la propria fede… perché uno solo è Dio, lo stesso… ha parlato in una maniera, in un’altra, ma andare avanti…”

  14. I have watched a few papal masses since Pope Francis became pope. I notice that he does not genuflect after consecrating the body and consecrating the blood during the Eucharistic prayer. He makes a bow. Pope Benedict always genuflected after the consecration during the mass despite his age and infirmity. I feel that Pope Francis doesn’t show the same respect for the Blessed Sacrament. Also during the Feast of Corpus Christi in Rome, Pope Francis did not join in the procession from St. Peter’s Basilica to the other Roman parish where they process to, he went ahead of the procession in a vehicle and it was the second year that he has done this. Actions speak louder than words and it appears that Pope Francis does not have the same level of respect for Our Eucharistic Lord as past popes.

  15. What an excellent website. I will do my best to promote this site. Based on sound catholic doctrine, this site is a true eye-opener. I thank God for all the priests working on this…

    • I don’t think so – BUT even if Francis is not so open about things, he is still letting people believe that the commandments have changed…much more subtle, and worrying…

    • No it is not true, that website is a satirical website that posts nothing but fake stories. Always research a website’s background, look at their about page, do an internet search of the website name, even check the comments section, a lot of times people will be able to tell you this is satire, etc and some people even give links to prove their assertions though be careful of those too depending on what they’re trying to assert. There are dozens of these types of websites that put out fake made up articles to get attention. Always be careful of what you believe especially if it seems incredible. Research, research, research.

      “The biggest indicator that Real News Right Now is a fake news publication comes from the site’s “About” page, where author R. Hobbus J.D. brags about winning fictional awards such as the “Oscar Mayer Award for Journalistic Excellence” and the “Stephen Glass [a journalist notorious for falsifying news stories) Distinction in Journalistic Integrity.”



  16. Pope francis recently referred to the Hammer and Sickle crucifix given to him by Evo Morales as “protest-art.” Could you elaborate on what the Fathers and Pope’s taught about either: (1) sacrilege and a proper response to symbolic offenses to Our Lord and (2) the relation between communism and Catholic doctrine. Grace and Peace, S. W.

  17. I too laud your efforts and will pray for your intentions. Something puzzles me, though. Why would doing what you do in a public way cause problems for your bishops? Do they teach something different from what you put here?

    I am not trying to provoke. I am always puzzled by my own bishop, who is considered a ‘good’ bishop, when he remains silent on issues that directly affect the salvation of souls in his charge. When asked why he doesn’t speak up he tells us he cannot speak frankly because his priests will not obey.

    It is amazing that your bishops ‘give you permission’ to do what they say they cannot do, or what they don’t have time to do, or what they are afraid to do, or what they will be ridiculed for doing at the next National meeting.

    But I will certainly pass on this site to those who would be interested. We are becoming more and more blessed by Our Loving Father with priests like you, and some very few bishops, who take the time to teach just what Holy Mother Church has been saying for centuries (absent the past 50).

    Thank you very much. Barbara

    • I am disappointed you did not respond to Barbara’s question.

      I am an avid promoter of your website on Facebook and Twitter and my followers all know I consider the Seat of the Papacy empty (Sede Vacante). What you are doing here only confirms I made the correct choice in leaving the Vatican II Church. (And, no, I am not is schism and can back that up in the same way the priests have backed their beliefs up on this site – based on the Magesterium). And I will continue to promote you.

      BUT – you say,

      “He who fears the Lord will not be timid, nor play the coward (Sir 34:14). However, in order to fulfill this undertaking and protect our bishops from potential pressure, we have decided to stay relatively discreet.”

      And here is where I want to respectfully and lovingly accuse you of being cowardly, Fathers. The Bishops need to “get in trouble”! It is the Bishops and Cardinals that are in a position to take back our Church from this pope that is clearly an impostor. I think you bear some responsibility in propagating error by not being willing to really rock the boat, and I hereby formally challenge you to come out of your anonymity and stand up for the faith of Our Fathers and of Our Lord, Jesus Christ Himself.

      I do not understand how you can know as much as you do about the truth and not take the position that the Seat is empty – and has been for 50 years. You betray all the sedevanctists whose only goal is to preserve the truth of the Magesterium for the salvation of souls. By participating in the no longer Catholic Visible church, you, especially as priests, are accountable for all the souls being misled into the fires of hell by false teachings. It is high time we all become willing to be martyred for the Faith.

      The Immaculate Heart of Mary will Triumph through those who pray the Rosary and are devoted to the Scapula. Join us, Fathers!

      • So let’s say the priests here were to “go public” with who they are. Let’s say they were to shred the veil of anonymity and “come out of the blog a sphere”. What do you think would be the consequence(s)?

        It is my opinion that this resource — this website — would vanish in its entirety, literally overnight! It is my opinion that these godly men would be “martyred” — in subtle and not so subtle ways. Disciplined. Shamed. Demoted. Removed from their parishes. In one way or another, I believe they would be punished with extreme prejudice — as would be their superiors (the bishops) to whom they answer.

        There may well come a time for that (a public stance) and there may well be a very stiff price that each of these men will pay. Perhaps all of us will be paying that price to be faithful to Christ and to His Church.

        I personally value the information and the resources I find here far more than I value knowing the names of the men who are providing that information. If it is truth, does it matter who said it? I would rather see the site go on for as long as possible — in an underground sort of way (if that is what is necessary) — than not to have it at all. I certainly would not call these men “cowards” — they answer to God, not to me or to you.

        Sometimes a quiet answer and anonymity is a matter wisdom and not a matter of cowardice. The war is a guerilla war. They know far better than you or I the lay of the land from within the Church itself (as clergy).

        I am grateful for their service. On a personal note, this website is one of the reasons I am still Catholic (and will remain devoutly so). Francis without the explanations herein is reason to become Protestant. I now have hope: there is a REAL Catholic Church; the writings on this site reflect that. There is a REAL (AUTHENTIC) Magisterium and not an AIRPLANE Magisterium consisting of one man and a press corp.

        Thank you, Fathers.

  18. Estimados Padres Valientes, Mucho aprecio tengo por el trabajo que uds. realizan en defender la Santa Fe tristemente …frente a las palabras de nuestro Papa. No tiene el la culpa …es producto del modernismo. Y todo proceso de modernismo tiene que llegar a su cuspide con un Papa modernista…ya lo veiamos venir ! Pero tambien vemos como Dios Nuestro Senor no va a soportar tanto error y engano …llegara el dia ..y ojala y sea pronto en que El mismo ponga orden en su Iglesia. Les agradezco a uds Padres que sean de los pocos que utilizan su mente critica y bien formada, su alma santificada para guiarnos como es la responsabilidad de todo sacerdote de Cristo. Tristemente son pocos… Se que han de guardar su identidad secreta…pero se puede saber en que pais estan? O no se puede saber? Seguire leyendo, estudiando y extendiendo el conocimiento de su sitio a muchas personas mas. Que Dios les pague y les premie su trabajo AT

    • Me gusto mucho Su comentario,actualmente estamos viviendo Una epoca,en la que no sabemos de que lado estan los sacerdotes,ya uno siente que ya no se habla del pecado,para muchos el Diablo no existe,y mucho menos el infierno,a esos sacerdotes me gustaria preguntarles:entonces para que son sacerdotes? No es para salvar almas?Seria mejor que dejaran de ser “parasitos” y que buscaran otro trabajo Como el comun de los mortaleles.

  19. I have only just discovered your website but I am quite impressed and plan to spend some time here. At this point I would make only one suggestion, and I beg your pardon for mentioning this.

    At the beginning of the “Who are we” page you make the following statement:

    “Behind this English version are a group of priests”

    Unless I am mistaken, that should say “IS a group of priests”, “group” being the subject and being singular.

    God bless you in this work. I have made your webpage known to about 100 of my friends.

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