31 – Enrichment for Christians within the sacred expressions of other religions

The delicate topic of interreligious dialogue certainly implies important nuances. A partially presented truth, or a truth presented in a somewhat distorted manner may easily lead to indifferentism, according to which all religions would be considered as paths leading toward God, mutually complementing one another. Within this perspective, what necessity would we have of Jesus Christ and the Church for salvation? Is something lacking to the Spouse of Christ that she needs to receive from other religions? Let us take a look at what Francis and the Magisterium say about this.


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Teachings of the Magisterium

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Sacred Scripture

Come to the Father through Jesus

Pius X

Modernists admit that all religions are true: what is to prevent religious experience from being met within every religion?

John Paul II

No one can enter into communion with God except through Christ

Catechism of the Catholic Church

We cannot accept ‘revelations’ of non-Christian religions


To have God as Father, one must accept Christ Jesus as Brother
Differing modes of divine worship cannot all be equally acceptable to God

Paul VI

Other religions do not establish an authentic relationship with God
We cannot agree with various forms of religion nor be uncritical toward them

Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

Theological faith must be differentiated from belief in the other religions
Non-Christian rituals contain superstitions and constitute an obstacle to salvation
Relativistic theories deny the salvific universality of Jesus Christ and the Church

Pius IX

To accept religious indifference is to attempt an agreement between Christ and Belial
Those separated from the true faith cannot obtain eternal salvation

John Paul II

There is no way of salvation in a religion other than that founded in the faith in Christ
The Church is necessary for all mankind for salvation

Vatican Council II  (Ecumenical XXI)

The Catholic Church is necessary for salvation
It is only through Christ’s Catholic Church that one can benefit fully from the means of salvation

Gregory XVI

Those who think that salvation is open to persons of any religion: ‘without a doubt, they will perish forever’

Pius XI

In error: those who hold the false opinion that all religions lead to God

IV Lateran Council (Ecumenical XII)

Outside of the Church no one is saved

Council of Florence (XVII Ecumenical)

Regardless of good deeds no one can be saved unless united to the Catholic Church

Saint Cyprian of Carthage

He can no longer have God for his Father, who has not the Church for his mother

Vatican Council I (Ecumenical XX)

Not at all equal: those who adhere to the Catholic truth and those who follow a false religion

Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

Non-Christians are in a gravely deficient situation regarding salvation
Men are not saved equally in every religion

Saint Irenaeus of Lyon

The Church is where the Spirit of God is; and the Spirit of God is where the Church is

Saint John of the Cross

To seek any vision or revelation foreign to Christ is an offence against God

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    18 thoughts on “31 – Enrichment for Christians within the sacred expressions of other religions

    1. There will be no other God…nor was there from eternity any other existing …but He who made and disposed all this universe. Nor do we think that there is one God for us [Christians], another for you [Jews], but that He alone is God who led your fathers out from Egypt with a strong hand and a high arm. Nor have we trusted in any other (for there is no other), but in Him in whom you also have trusted, the God of Abraham, and of Isaac, and of Jacob.
      — Justin Martyr

    2. I don’t see Truth placed more clearly before us than done by the priests who contribute to Denzinger-Bergoglio. It is a truly an eye-opener! I pray for and encourage these priests.

    3. How can you presume to attack the Holy Father? Do you not know that the Pope is infallible? I am a simple layman and do not know theology, but I know that no Catholic can find fault with the Holy Father. You attack Pope Francis and still pretend to be catholic! He is the Pope – so what he says must be followed by all. As simple as that! People like you must be thrown out of the Church so that your pestilent example does not contaminate others.

      • 1. We simply place Pope Francis’ statements alongside the Magisterium. The conclusions…
        2. Infallibility has been well defined by the Catholic Church. Let’s not change its meaning.
        3. Please, don’t be so intolerant: “People like you must be thrown out of the Church so that your pestilent example does not contaminate others”.

      • WF – Heard the line ‘Who am I to judge’? Guess who said it…
        Try to follow him – don’t judge those who don’t agree with Francis. At least that way you’ll seem less fanatic. No?

      • Yes, they should be thrown out, impaled and burnt at the stake. Long live the Inquisition!!! Death to all who disagree with Francis!!!

        • Alice, perhaps you did not note the irony, but your comment reflects exactly what is happening in the Church. Why doesn’t anyone say a word about Francis? Because anyone who opposes him or who he dislikes is promptly beheaded. The list is long: the Bishop from Paraguay, the Franciscans of the Immaculate, etc. We are facing an Inquisition that is worse than ever before!

      • Duh…”He is the Pope – so what he says must be followed by all”…right, and what about the earlier Popes? Don’t need to follow them?

            • He is definitely not catholic. Which also makes him definitely not the pope. I don’t need Socci’s long arguments about the validity of the conclave – Francis’ statements on this site are enough for me to conclude that he cannot be assisted by the Holy Spirit.

      • Hey WF – you try to play the nice goody,goody catholic who obeys everything from the Pope… Who do you think you are fooling? You are probably one of those […] who never stopped attacking our poor Holy Father Benedict 16. And now you play the great defender of ortodoxy! You […]

      • @WF. Are his words to the two adulterous women, that basically encouraged them to go and sin some more “infallible? Compared to what Christ Himself told the adulterous woman in Sacred Scripture? You are either with CHRIST or you’re not. You cant have it both ways.

    4. Dear Fathers, you cannot imagine the good that you are doing. It is very consoling to know that there are faithful and good ministers who are neither lefebrists nor visionaries. Here in […] you are always in our prayers. […]

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