42 – If people are wounded, what does Jesus do? Does He rebuke them for being wounded? No, He comes and carries them on his shoulders

Imagine a sick beggar pleading for help at the door of a hospital run by religious. He is immediately welcomed with words of understanding: ‘Welcome, my friend, our doors are open to all.’ After analyzing his state of health, they soon discover that the poor man suffers from a contagious terminal illness, but that he still has the possibility of being cured. What should be done? For his own good, that of the other patients and all of those involved, it is necessary to isolate him and begin a prolonged and painful treatment. However, the patient does not wish to submit to the necessary quarantine, and even less so, to the difficult treatment involved. So he cries out and complains that he is being put aside, insisting that he does not have the strength to bear such a hard life, and claims that the hospital has failed to provide him with the loving care he had expected… His cries attract the attention of the other patients, as well as the administrator of the hospital.

What reaction would we expect the administrator to have? Would it be an ‘act of charity’ to bring the sick man to a room with other patients and leave him there without appropriate treatment, exposing others to the risk of contagion? Would someone dare to accuse the administrator of injustice or a lack of understanding in demanding that he accept the necessary treatment in order to remain in the hospital?

This is a parable that Jesus could narrate today to certain pharisees of the third millennium; bearing the sick on one’s shoulders doesn´t exempt anyone from the duty of applying the needed remedies…


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Teachings of the Magisterium

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Benedict XVI

Fraternal correction heals wounds
When faced with evil we should not keep silence, since correction is a work of mercy
God grants pardon so that in future one ceases to sin
Habits linked to sin do not create a new world

John Paul II

These words of Jesus cannot be ignored: ‘Do not sin again’
The doors are open, but they are narrow
Reinstate the penitent with paternal warnings

Pius XI

Those who lacks interior virtues are unfit for the apostolate

Pius X

Those who use merely complacent words may harm their brothers and sisters
The toleration of error is not charity
It is worthwhile to cut off a limb in order to save the whole body
Those who silence the teachings of the serious obligations of the Christian faith are mistaken
God demands an account of those who omit correction
If those called to dedicate themselves to the Church fail to give good example, they will not attract others


The salt must be defended, so the savor may not be lost

Congregation for the Clergy

A Christian’s purpose is sanctity

Catechism of Trent

The doors are open to those who resolve to sin no more

Saint John Chrysostom

Imitate Jesus by admonishing and warning

Saint Irenaeus of Lyons

A counsel from God Most Merciful: ‘Make straight your ways’

Saint Augustine of Hippo

Jesus desires that we that we change our lives

Saint Thomas Aquinas

Fraternal correction is the most important act of charity

Sacred Scripture

Do not help the hardened sinner

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