125 – “What is called for is an evangelization capable of shedding light on these new ways of relating to God, to others and to the world around us. The Church is called to be at the service of a difficult dialogue”

My sheep hear my voice; I know them, and they follow me’ (Jn 10:27). No one can but be enchanted at the sight of a flock led by its shepherd. What especially impresses us is the sheep’s obedience toward their guide – we can be entirely certain that God created things this way above all to serve as an image of a higher reality: the Holy Catholic Church, instituted by Christ in two categories of faithful, the Shepherds who represent the Good Shepherd – and the sheep. The Shepherds of the Holy Church are the beacons set by Christ in the world, to guide the faithful along the good path of virtue and sanctity, until they reach their heavenly home.

What happens when the Shepherds cease being the light and guide of the peoples, and adapt to their sheep, not in the Gospel spirit, but rather, in keeping with worldly standards?



Quote A

Teachings of the Magisterium

Enter in the various parts of our study

I – In Evangelization, who should adapt to who? Should the Gospel adapt to worldly life, or should the latter be in accordance with the Word of God?
II – What is the true solution for the problems today?
III – Why is society so far from God?

I – In Evangelization, who should adapt to who? Should the Gospel adapt to worldly life, or should the latter be in keeping with the Word of God?

Sacred Scripture

He who wishes to do the will of God cannot be conformed to the times


The Church should not shape her teachings in accord with the spirit of the age

Vatican Council II (Ecumenical XXI)

Priests must live in this world, but must not be conformed to this world

Code of Canon Law

The Church always and everywhere has the duty and innate right to announce moral principles

Catechism of the Catholic Church

The mission of the Magisterium is to preserve God’s people form deviations

Pius X

Those who conceal certain fundamental maxims of the Gospel out of fear are seriously mistaken
Preaching that ignores the spiritual obligations of our faith is harmful


Preachers who only use words of human science proffer feeble and cold discourses – they are foolish and improvident

Saint Irenaeus of Lyon

The Apostles did not address the weak in accordance with their opinion at the time, but according to revealed truth

Benedict XVI

The preacher must proclaim the whole of God’s will in its totality

John Paul II

The Bishop has the duty of showing that the true solution for the problems that burden humanity is in returning to the Gospel of Christ


Christ appointed an unfailing teaching authority in His Church so that men be preserved in truth

Pius XII

Christ left the truths and precepts in the hands of his Church, so that she may preach them to all peoples free of all contamination and error
The Church cannot renounce her right to proclaim to her sons and to the whole world the unchanging basic laws

Paul VI

Reducing the Church’s mission to the dimensions of a simply temporal project would make her lose her fundamental meaning

II – What is the true solution for the problems today?

Paul VI

Evangelizing means transforming humanity from within and renewing it with the Gospel
Evangelization cannot be contained in the simple and restricted dimension of economics, politics, social or cultural life - it must envisage the whole man

Benedict XVI

People today need to be helped to establish and nurture a living relationship with God

Pius XI

Christianity: a model and guide to a world which is sick to death and clamors for direction

Catechism of Trent

The preaching of the divine Word should never be interrupted in the Church: in these days it becomes necessary to labor with more than ordinary zeal

Congregation for Bishops

The Bishop should model his style of governance on divine wisdom

John Paul II

It is most important that the Lord’s ministers strengthen their spiritual life

Benedict XV

The efficacy of apostolic efforts is in proportion to the sanctity of life

John Paul II

The ‘nets’ we are called upon to cast among men are the Sacraments

III – Why is society so far from God?

Sacred Scripture

The people perish for want of knowledge – their priests have rejected knowledge

Gregory I, the Great

Through the ignorance of the shepherds those who follow them stumble – the blind lead the blind
No one does more harm in the Church than one who has the rank of sanctity, while he acts perversely – Sin spreads forcibly when out of reverence to his rank the sinner is honored

Saint Alphonsus Liguori

Priests are the foundations of the Church: when the foundations give way the whole edifice falls
The priest is the light of the world; but if the light be changed into darkness, what must become of the world?

Saint Augustine of Hippo

The shepherd who lives a wicked life before the people kills the sheep under his care

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