55 – The only way for individuals and societies to grow is via the culture of encounter without needless preconceptions

Europe is, without doubt, the only continent whose borders are not defined by geographic criteria, for if these were to be considered, it would be nothing more than a peninsula of Asia! Europe is defined by a civilization held in common. Its origins were modeled by the Holy Catholic Church, and as long as truly Catholic values regulated the life of the European people, its influence on the international level was supreme and its progress in all aspect, not only materially speaking, was overwhelming. On the other hand, the more it strays from such values, the obvious consequence is the darkening of its horizon. Leo XIII compared the agitated times of his pontificate to ‘those happiest of times when the Church was revered as a mother’, emphasizing how peace, tranquility and richness of society is a fruit of the influence of the Church, and that the best institutions and even true culture flourished only when people were submissive to its laws. At this point, to improve the tragic situation of the days in which we live, should we seek an exchange of values with religions or ideologies that will never produce the fruits that are born of the Church?

By any chance, has the mandate of Jesus changed from ‘Go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel’ (Mk 16:15) to, ‘Go to the whole world and learn from the unbelievers’?


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Teachings of the Magisterium

Enter the various parts of our study


I – Society prospers when united to the Catholic Church
II – Well defined religious principles cannot be considered as ‘prejudices’ or ‘needless preconceptions’

I – Society prospers when united to the Catholic Church

John Paul II

There is no difficult situation that cannot be confronted when one cultivates a Christian life
Authentic development only occurs in light of the Gospel

Paul VI

Teaching is a function proper to the Church

Pius XI

The Holy Catholic Church forms good citizens - it is impossible to produce true temporal peace by things opposed to the peace of eternity

Benedict XV

By its nature, the Church unites men and society

Pius X

There is no true civilization without the Church


Human society abundantly benefits from the mission of the Church
The divine power of religion has given birth to order for the State
No better mode has been devised for the building up and ruling the State than that of the Gospel
Observation of the Church’s laws brings peaceful life, wealth, and prosperity

Pius IX

Society cannot enjoy true peace if it is not of one fold and one shepherd.
The shocking theory of religious indifference removes the difference between virtue and vice, truth and error, honorable and vile action, Christ and Belial
There is no more effective remedy for current disasters than to make the Catholic Church flourish in society again

Gregory XVI

There is nothing more damaging for the state than ‘religious liberty’

Saint Augustine of Hippo

The Church secures and maintains earthly peace for all nations and languages

II – Well defined religious principles cannot be considered as ‘prejudices’ or ‘needless preconceptions’

John Paul II

To dialogue it is necessary to remain clear and consistent in the faith
Interreligious dialogue can never be a substitute for the proclamation and propagation of the faith - truth must be affirmed with frankness
Interreligious dialogue is not an exchange of opinions on one’s own ‘creed’ without any preoccupation of arriving at conclusions
One may not invent the faith according to circumstances or individual tastes

Paul VI

We cannot agree with various forms of religion nor adopt an uncritical attitude - as if all were on an equal footing with what God has Himself revealed definitively and infallibly


Catechesis consists in transmitting the patrimony of the Church to others

Pius XI

That all religions are good and praiseworthy: error and distortion of the idea of true religion, that can nowise be approved by Catholics

Pius IX

Without previous instruction, people might fall into error: sufficiently instruct the laity to recognize the snares laid for them


Every familiarity should be avoided with those who hide under the mask of universal tolerance – they seek to reconcile Christ and Belial

Gregory XVI

The Protestants left no means untried to deceive the faithful

The ‘Athanasian’ Creed

The Catholic faith is necessary for salvation

Sacred Scripture

It is not possible to believe without preaching
Those who know the truth do not need to hear novelties
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