11 – The doctrine of the polyhedron ‒ unity in diversity

Ever since the early Greeks, the sphere has been considered the perfect shape par excellence. This philosophical consideration served as a basis amongst the Scholastics for interesting theological constructions regarding the concept of God and the Church.
Francis, however, considers the figure of the polyhedron as symbol of the ‘unity in diversity’ to which his idea of ecumenism aspires.
Is this St. Paul’s concept of ‘one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of us all’ (Eph 4:5)? Who or what is this mysterious polyhedron, of which Francis has spoken of on so many occasions?



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Teachings of the Magisterium

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Pius IX

To compare the Religion revealed by God with other ‘religions’ is to seek agreement between Christ and Belial
It is deceitful to say that one may please God in Protestantism just as in the Catholic Faith
Religious societies separated visibly from the Church are not part of it
Condemnation of the doctrine that considers Protestantism as just a variant of the only true Religion
Those that live separated from the true Faith do not attain eternal life

Vatican Council II (Ecumenical XXI)

The unity to which all men are called is in the teaching of the Apostles

John Paul II

Other communities do not have the fullness of the Catholic Church
The work of the Holy Spirit is inseparable from the one true Church
Ecumenical dialogue does not mean diminishing the treasures of the Church

Benedict XVI

The unity operated by the Spirit is visibly manifest in the profession of the faith in its entirety

Catechism of the Catholic Church

The principle of ‘unity in diversity’ expressed as it really is

Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

The true Church of Christ is not a kind of collection of churches and ecclesial communities

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