17 – At the Final Judgment, Jesus Christ will be our advocate and not our judge

The contemplation of the imposing drama of the Last Judgment has always been of immense benefit to the faithful; and even in our days, it’s an efficacious element for awakening consciences and calling to conversion. A topic that appears with clarity and frequency in the Sacred Scriptures, the Last Judgment holds great pastoral value and is easily understandable by all. The Church condenses this truth of the faith in the definitive and simple words that Catholics pray daily in the Creed: Christ will come ‘to judge the living and the dead.’ But… will Christ really come as just judge? Or as something else?


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Teachings of the Magisterium

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Saint Augustine of Hippo

The season for mercy is followed by the season of judgment – God’s goodness must lead to repentance
He who was unjustly judged by the unjust, shall come manifestly to judge
Among the ungodly are counted not only those who refuse to believe in Christ, but also those who believed in Him to no purpose and without fruit

Catechism of Trent

During this life, Jesus Christ is our advocate before the Father: reason for greatest joy
But, the second coming of the Son of God will be as a judge
The power of judging is attributed to the Son

Benedict XVI

The Judge will return: we must not live as if good and evil were the same
God is justice and creates justice: grace does not cancel out justice such that whatever one has done ends up being of equal value

Saint John Chrysostom

He who now remits our sins, will then appear again to judge all

John Paul II

The judgment of Christ is a definitive salvific act
Christ will put an end to a universe corrupted by falsehood

Lateran Council IV (Ecumenical XII)

God is to judge the living and the dead

Catechism of the Catholic Church

Culpable unbelief that counted the offer of God’s grace as nothing will be condemned
Judgment Day will be the definitive triumph of good over evil

Saint Irenaeus of Lyon

The same Judge will send the good and evil both into a fitting place

Benedict XII

Everyone will receive according to the good or evil practiced

Saint Thomas Aquinas

All human affairs are included in Christ’s judiciary power

Paul VI

Truths of the Christian doctrine may not be innovated according to arbitrary conjectures

Congregation for the Clergy

It is not right be silent with respect to the final judgment

Sacred Scripture

Christ will place the sheep on his right and the goats on his left
The Father has given all judgment to his Son
The just judgment of God will repay everyone according to his works
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