77 – Teaching and studying theology means living on a frontier. Good theologians, like good shepherds, have the odor of the people and of the street

The mission of a theologian is of prime importance for the growth of the Church, because his conclusions flow from the treasure of Revelation and from delving attentively into the wisdom found in the depths of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The whole Church rejoices when a true theological reflection brings clearly into light an obscure aspect of doctrine or opens a new path to deepen our knowledge of the richness of our faith.

So sublime is the theologian’s task that, according to Saint Thomas, he is raised above earth and is close to heaven by the elevation of his doctrine, being the first to receive the rays of divine wisdom.

This is the kind of theologian that for the last two thousand years has been giving fruit in the Church, favoring the evangelization, fomenting the fervor of the faithful, and providing the basis for the apologetics of the faith.

Nonetheless, certain recent notions on the way of being of a theologian suggest a different vision, in which they would be more like agents of social assistance, inspired by expressions of unclear significance.

So…what type of theologian does the Church really need?


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Teachings of the Magisterium

Enter in the various parts of our study

I – The Theologian’s Mission
II –
The Role of Theology

I – The Theologian’s Mission

Saint Thomas Aquinas

Because of the height of the doctrine they teach, they should despise earthly things
The theologians are illumined by the first beams of divine wisdom
They must stand against errors in defense of the faith

Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

The theologian’s role is to pursue in a particular way an understanding of the Word of God
The theologian should give an accounting for their hope to those who ask it
Theology constitutes an integral part of obedience to Christ’s command to make disciples of all nations and teach them

International Theological Commission

The life of the theologian cannot fail to be affected by the sustained effort to know the living God

John Paul II

The service of the doctrine about God constitutes an act of love towards man
Tradition is the true bridge between Scripture and the present
Virtues of the theologian: fidelity to the Magisterium and modesty in personal opinion

Paul VI

Theologians should avoid consenting to the desire of popularity in detriment to the Truth
Interpreters of the Truth

Pius XII

Theologians must always return to Tradition

II – The Role of Theology

Saint Thomas Aquinas

God is the object of this sacred science
In this science all things are dealt with, but only so far as they have reference to God

Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

The object of theology: Truth

Benedict XVI

Theology is essentially the interpretation of Scripture

John Paul II

All syncretism and every kind of false particularism are to be excluded
Systems and methods incompatible with Christian faith must not be accepted

Pius XII

Speculation which neglects a deeper search into the deposit of faith, proves sterile
It is supreme imprudence to neglect, or to reject or to devalue Tradition

International Theological Commission

The proper place for theology is within the Church
Theology implies a striving for holiness
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