67 – The Communists have stolen the flag. The flag of the poor is Christian. Now when they speak one could say to them: “But you are Christians”

For the past century the world has been submerged in terrible chaos. All of the conflicts experienced by humanity until this point were nothing in comparison with the warfare of the twentieth century. And it wasn’t just because of military apparatus, but also cruel ideologies employed with the intention of oppressing humanity.

How often were ideas launched by Karl Marx in the 19th century to be found at the root of these abuses, later to spread throughout the entire world under misleading disguises. Many of those who lived during this period did not comprehend the necessity of practicing vigilance as the Divine Master had directed (Cf. Mt 26:41), and, forgetting that the children of light must also be as shrewd as serpents (Cf. Mt 10:16), they witnessed the errors of Russia spreading throughout the world, just as predicted by the Virgin of Fatima.

One hundred million deaths, the greater part of them occurring among the poor, was the sinister price paid for the lack of preparation before the steadily advancing evil… Among the dead were an unending list of priests, religious men and women, fathers and mothers of families, children, elderly, etc., people who anonymously or shining by their example, suffered atrocious persecutions especially for professing the Catholic religion.

Can a Christian find something good about an “intrinsically perverse” communist doctrine, a doctrine which is not only directly opposed to the teachings of Jesus, but also intends to finish off with natural rights, something that even the most decadent of ancient civilizations never attempted? Is there any similarity between this appalling doctrine and the works of mercy that the Church has undertaken for centuries? What “benefits” does communism bring to the world, besides the dubious effects of atheism and generalized poverty? Does the supposed standard of the poor hoisted by the communists (sic!!!) mean casting into poverty all of those who cry out under the yoke of Marxism? It must be, because to help the poor, communism is of the theory that “misery loves company”…

It has been a century, as we noted above, since the persecutions began, but let us not forget that the theory came to light many decades before… A lesson that we cannot overlook for the future of a humanity that, unfortunately, no longer has Almighty God in the heart.




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Teachings of the Magisterium

Enter the various parts of our study


I – The devastating communist doctrine versus the divine Christian doctrine
II – Intrinsically perverse system condemned by the Church
III – Communist sophisms attempt to deceive Catholics
IV – The communist ‘openness’ toward Christians is inhuman persecution
V – Helping the poor is not an ideological standard, but rather a normal trait of the Church’s charity

I – The devastating communist doctrine versus the divine doctrine of Christ


Communism: a deadly plague that seeks to overthrow both human and divine laws

Pius IX

Unspeakable doctrine opposed to the natural law
Deceitful men who desire to eliminate entirely the doctrine and influence of the Catholic Church

Pius XI

Communism seeks to destroy society altogether
Socialism cannot be reconciled with the teachings of the Catholic Church
Enemies of all order shamelessly attempt against God
Despise of the light of evangelic wisdom, and revival of paganism
Imminent danger aiming at upsetting the social order and the foundations of Christian civilization
Communism strips man of liberty, dignity and morality
Dialectical and historical materialism advocated by Marx, and annihilation of all opposition
A cold-blooded struggle against all that is divine
Communist terrorism seeks to all moral sense

Pius XII

To cast out every notion of God - the aim of the supporters of communism


The fear of God and reverence for divine laws are taken away leading to the greatest dangers and the overthrow of all things

II – Intrinsically perverse system condemned by the Church

Pius XI

The Communist system, with its authors and abettors condemned
Communism is intrinsically wrong and no one may collaborate with it in any undertaking whatsoever

Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

Formal prohibition to join or favor Communist Parties - latae sententiae excommunication


No Catholic can subscribe even to moderate Socialism - opposition between Communism and Christianity is fundamental

III – Communist sophisms only attempt to deceive Catholics

Sacred Scripture

Beware of false prophets
After my departure savage wolves will come among you

Pius XI

The Catholic Religion is the only true obstacle to communism, which takes advantage of any possibility of approach and collaboration with the Catholic side
A system that is subversive of social order, full of errors and sophisms, in opposition to reason and to Divine Revelation
Partial truths astutely presented by the preachers of Communism to conceal repulsively crude and inhuman principles
The Communistic fallacy spreads because of the religious and moral misery
A doctrine shrewdly adapted to the varying conditions of diverse peoples
A powerful factor in the diffusion of Communism: the conspiracy of silence of a large section of the non-Catholic press
Communism has changed its tactics: it strives to entice the multitudes by trickery, hiding its real designs behind ideas like peace
Communists worm their way into Catholic circles using so-called ‘humanitarianism’ and ‘charity’

Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

Communism: shame of our time - while claiming to bring them freedom keeps whole nations in servitude

IV – The communist ‘openness’ toward Christians is inhuman persecution

Pius XI

Communism: openly hostile to the Church and to God Himself is incredibly cruel and inhuman when in power
Subversive sect that nourishes hatred against the Lord and His Christ in Spain, Mexico, Russia…
The Communist persecution: daily writes new and glorious chapters to the Martyrology
Communism strove by every possible means to destroy the Christian religion – assassinations and inhuman persecution
Destruction, slaughter, hatred and savage barbarity that would not have believed thought possible
These atrocities are the natural fruit of a system which lacks all inner restraint
The whole Christian people are continually in danger of falling away from the faith or of suffering a most cruel death

John Paul II

Fidelity to Christ of the Ukrainian people in face of violent Communist persecution
An intrepid witness during the Communist persecution

Benedict XVI

The wounds of Communism have not yet completely healed
A hardened regime, but it could not make the Church bow down

V – Helping the poor is not an ideological standard, but rather a normal trait of the Church’s charity


Socialists distort the Gospel to suit their own purposes

Pius XI

Neither Socialism nor Communism would have existed if the nations had been faithful to the Church
‘Charity’ without justice is not charity but only its empty name and hollow semblance

John Paul II

To proclaim mercy is a part of the life of the Church – She is the trustee and dispenser of the Savior's mercy

Benedict XV

The Church heals the wounds of society with a variety of good deeds because She is the heir and guardian of the spirit of Jesus Christ

Congregation for Bishops

Bishops ought to make every effort to expand and improve charitable activities

Sacred Scripture

Contribution for the poor in the early Church
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  1. The communists stole our flag – that’s why we embrace all of them.
    And Fidel castro’s brother is even thinking of converting – he didn’t realise earlier that marxism is christian – till Francis explained.

  2. My grandma used to say – tell me who your friends are and i’ll tell you who you are. The pictures are very eloquent. He is very at ease with all the commies – and they couldn’t be better with him. So my grandma would say? Nice post – very well substantiated. This merits lots of publicity.

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