30 – The Church is pharisaical when she wants to take charge of the consciences of people

Conscience is the sacred place where we find ourselves alone with God, where the most important matter of our existence is decided: the salvation or loss of our souls. For this reason, we have the obligation to orient our consciences always along the right path, for, on the contrary, we may culpably compromise, in a fleeting moment, our friendship with God and the life of grace that He gives us. However, our human condition is so poignant that only with the immortal teaching of the Holy Catholic Church are we able to guide our conscience with certainty along the right path.

The education of consciences is one of the most beautiful missions confided by the Redeemer to Holy Mother Church, a mission we could call angelic if it wasn’t really divine! Would that all thought this way!



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Teachings of the Magisterium

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Vatican Council II (Ecumenical XXI)

Christian faithful must form their consciences according to the definite doctrine of the Church

Pius X

Bishops have the duty of forming the consciences of the people

Pius XII

The Church: inexhaustible fecundity and inviolate in her sacred laws

John Paul II

With the spread of relativism the Church stresses the correct formation of consciences

Pius XII

Conscience can and should be educated; the Church must intervene authoritatively in moral questions when necessary


The light of the Church illumines, enkindles and enflames
Her holy Founder entrusted the Church with the task of teaching and guiding her children

John Paul II

It is the mission of the Church to form consciences and to offer criteria in delicate matters
The Catholic Church is by the will of Christ the teacher of truth
The sphere of human hearts and consciences needs the direction of the Church

Benedict XVI

Forming upright consciences receptive to the demands of justice

Congregation for the Clergy

The priest must practice the ministry of the formation of consciences

John Paul II

To contest the Magisterium is to reject moral conscience

Saint Augustine of Hippo

The minds of men are obscured, and require the guidance of authority

Compendium of the Catholic Church

The Church transforms the moral life of Christians into an act of spiritual worship
One must work to correct the errors of moral conscience

Catechism of the Catholic Church

We are guided by the authoritative teaching of the Church
The conscience of each person should avoid confining itself to individualistic considerations; and should not be set in opposition to the Magisterium
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