43 – The formula for happiness: live and let live

The principle end of human existence is happiness. Even without Aristotle’s affirmation of this principle, no one would ever question that there are few things in this life as universal as the natural desire for happiness, which surges forth from the human heart: there is no one who does not desire happiness. The question is where to find it… the options are many and varied. Within our secularized ‒ and unhappy ‒ society, there is certainly no lack of ‘self-help’ manuals which present diverse alternatives, based either on an indifferent detachment imbued with agnostic ethics or on a dubious philanthropy without God.

On the contrary, since the dawn of Christianity, the Fathers of the Church, and of course, the Magisterium, have pointed out the advantages of transcending the legitimate though transitory joys of this valley of tears, in order to seek the eternal joys ‘where neither moth nor rust consumes and where thieves do not break in and steal’ (Mt 6:20). However… have things changed recently?



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Teachings of the Magisterium

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I- No Creature can Confer Happiness – It is Found only in God
II – Which Path Leads to Happiness?

I- No Creature may Grant us the Happiness that is Found only in God

John Paul II

The temptation of reducing Christianity to a pseudo-science of well-being

Saint Thomas Aquinas

Only the universal good can satisfy the human will

Saint Augustine of Hippo

The supreme good of humanity is God, and nothing else

Catechism of the Catholic Church

True happiness is not found in human achievements
Only in God will man will find the happiness that he never stops searching for

John Paul II

True happiness is a gift of the Holy Spirit

Benedict XVI

Jesus is the happiness we seek
The example of Saint Francis: only the Infinite can fill the human heart
Bishops have the duty to point out the world’s inability to bring true joy

Catechism of Trent

In adherence to God is true happiness found

Saint Basil the Great

The hope of eternal goods fills our soul with joy

II – Which is the Path to Happiness?

 Sacred Scripture

Blessed is the man who makes the Lord his trust

Benedict XVI

The secret of happiness consists in putting God in first place
The Eucharist is the source of Christian joy
True joy comes from Christ’s Cross
Observing the Commandments is the path to happiness
Blessed are they who obey the word of God

John Paul II

True happiness does not exist outside of friendship with God
Happiness is an inevitable consequence of being closer to God
The Ten Commandments are a sure path toward happiness
Happiness comes from grace, God’s pardon and the hope of eternal joy…
…from faith lived in prayer and reception of the sacraments...
…from the Sunday Eucharist and peace of conscience

Paul VI

True joy is found in seeking God and turning away from sin
True happiness is only possible within the Church


He who seeks true joy must flee from sin
Sanctity is a font of happiness

Pius XII

Happiness is found in God and in the practice of His teachings

Catechism of Saint Pius X

Our greatest good is a pure conscience

Saint Augustine of Hippo

If you wish to be happy, be undefiled
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