2 – A rereading of the Gospel in light of contemporary culture

One of the fundamental documents of Vatican Council II teaches that ‘the Church has always had the duty of scrutinizing the signs of the times and interpreting them in the light of the Gospel.’ Francis, in turn, insinuates that the Gospel should be re-read in light of modern culture.
Should the Church submit herself to the principles of modern civilization, or rather enlighten it with Her teachings?


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Teachings of the Magisterium

Enter the various parts of our study


Vatican Council II  (Ecumenical XXI)

The light of the Gospel should illuminate the Church’s action today
The mission of the Church is to teach the truth, of which it is the depository

Council of Trent (Ecumenical XIX)

Only the Church may validly interpret Scripture


It is the Gospel that enlightens the temporal sphere, not the other way around

Benedict XVI

The great risk involved in reading the Gospel without the light of faith
Scripture sheds light on human existence
The Word of God should be an inspiration for temporal authorities

Gregory XVI

The Church is not an institution that may be renewed according to human criteria

Pius IX

The great danger of seeking accord between the Church and the world
Condemnation of the doctrines that advocate an alliance with modernity

Pius X

Condemnation of the doctrines that advocate adapting Revelation to modernity

Paul VI

The influence of the Gospel should enlighten all spheres of human activity
The Gospel is capable of enlightening, regenerating and enriching any culture
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