39 – The court is the plague of the Papacy. The Church is or should go back to being a community of God’s people

Narcissists… without further ado, that is how Francis has labeled several of the former “Heads of the Church” and members of the Roman Curia. We suppose, with all due respect, that after two thousand years of history, the Bishop of Rome does not consider his august person nor that of his immediate collaborators as the only ones free from such a kind description, which at first sight, appears to disdain the work of previous Popes. The fact is that while speaking of the Roman Curia or when meeting with it, Francis never misses an opportunity to point out its defects, as he did in December 2014 (Address to the Roman Curia, Chrismas Greeting) inviting each one of its members to a profound examination of conscience. Conversely, what stands out is the fact that he does not do this with other people and groups, even when they are far from fulfilling the divine precepts, even publically. What, then, is his motivation? A strange dislike for the Ecclesiastical Hierarchy of which he is a part? A hidden desire to change structures which he considers obsolete? Insufficient consideration or knowledge of the primacy of the Church of Rome? We may not affirm any of the above, though we may show a certain perplexity… The Curia, as any other organization constituted by human beings, is evidently subject to errors, defects, and above all, the effects of sin among its members. However, this does not mean that it ceases to play an important role in the Church, among them the “diaconia” of the Petrine ministry.


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Teachings of the Magisterium

Enter the various parts of our study


I – Necessity and Importance of the Roman Curia
II – The Roman Curia Expresses the Dignity of Service to the Pope
III – Rome: The Centre of the Holy Church of God

I – Necessity and Importance of the Roman Curia

Sacred Scripture

Everyone should put their gifts at the service of the Church
Generously put to use the gifts received
Diverse gifts and charisms

Vatican Council II (Ecumenical XXI)

The Apostles: origin of the Sacred Hierarchy

Saint Thomas Aquinas

The diversity of duties in the Church and their purpose

Innocent III

Venerate all that is of the Church

Pius X

The Church is a society wherein some preside over others

Paul VI

The Episcopate should collaborate with the Curia, which in turn helps the Pope

John Paul II

The Hierarchy: a form of service to enable the entire Church to participate in the power of Christ

II – The Roman Curia Expresses the Dignity of Service to the Pope

Vatican Council II (Ecumenical XXI)

Duties for the benefit of the entire Church

Benedict XVI

Valuable contribution to the Petrine Ministry
Appreciated collaboration
Superior service rendered to the successor of Peter

John Paul II

Purpose of the Curia: Rendering the mission of the Pope more effective
The Curia and its departments are at the service of the Church
Diaconia united to the Petrine Ministry
Exceptional qualities placed at the service of the Church in silence


Assiduous, prudent and faithful efforts
Necessary and attentive care

Saint Gregory the Great

Submission to the Curia is a sign of love for the Pope

III – Rome: The Centre of the Holy Church of God

Saint Ignatius of Antioch

The Church of Rome exercises the primacy of love

Saint Irenaeus of Lyon

Founded and Constituted by Peter and Paul

Celestine I

The first among the Churches

Gelasius I

Christ himself gave primacy to the Roman Church

Nicholas I

Nothing and no one may alter the privileges established by Christ

Gregory VII

The Roman Church: Mother and Teacher of all the others

Lateran Council IV (Ecumenical XII)

The primacy of power

Council of Lyons II (Ecumenical XIV)

The Church of Rome has the highest and complete supremacy; consequently, it is called to defend the faith more than the others


Primacy that must be revered

Catechism of the Catholic Church

The Church of Rome, base and foundation of the other Churches

John Paul II

Look toward Rome
He who confirms his brothers in the faith

 Benedict XVI

The Church of Rome has a special privilege due to the blood of the Apostles

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