Sell off churches to feed the poor?

If there’s a place in the world where anyone, rich or poor, can feel welcomed without restrictions, it’s in a Catholic church. In it, material splendor is at the service of the glory of God and at everyone’s reach – one may calmly enjoy the splendor of the church better than anyone could at palaces or museums. In it, the Father’s arms reach out toward all, so that through artistic beauty and the magnificence of the liturgy, all might have the opportunity to elevate their hearts toward Him, with the holy liberty of the children of God. This is true alms for the poor, for, more important than anything else, they receive the words of eternal life without suffering discrimination.

Obviously, as a loving mother, the Holy Church is also available to help in their material necessities. One dimension is inseparable from the other, and segregating either dimension would deform its deepest pastoral significance, as has been demonstrated in the history of the Church during the last two thousand years.

It’s a good idea to remember what the Magisterium teaches us, so that we don’t allow ourselves to be deceived by persuasive speech that may appear poetic and even well intentioned, but which, in the end, is no more than cheap demagogy. Read more...

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