Is Francis a communist?

On reading the affirmation that titles this post, many will remember that he always denied that he was. Without having to go too far, take for instance his recent interview on the flight to the United States after his trip to Cuba.

On the other hand, Francis has always criticized ideologies. Recently in Paraguay he affirmed: “Ideologies end badly, and are useless. They relate to people in ways that are either incomplete, unhealthy, or evil. Ideologies do not embrace a people. You just have to look at the last century. What was the result of ideologies? Dictatorships, in every case.” (Meeting with Representatives of the Civil Society. Address of the Holy Father. León Condou Stadium, Colegio San José Asunción. Saturday, July 11, 2015).

Having declared that it was never right, he explained that communism helped him understand the Social Doctrine of the Church (sic.) and that the communists are Christians due to their concern towards the poor (See Study – 1)

Undoubtedly, in the “World Meeting of Popular Movements”, promoted by Francis himself, he does not blush in jostling with leaders who declare themselves openly Marxist-lenin-followers of the worst dictatorships in the last hundred years – and who openly support his doubtful initiatives (Study – 2)

Francis affirms that his thinking is not communist and he engages in underlining that which he has to follow, nothing else but the Social Doctrine of the Church. We have a concise study that helps to profound this point. Just a quick glance at some of his declarations and comparing them with the infallible Magisterium of the Church helps reach frightful conclusions. (See: Study-3, Study-4, Study – 5)

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