Words fail us…

There are some situations where words simply fail…

Francis wants this message (see at the end) to spread throughout the entire world. No doubt, he will obtain his objective. This is a novel way of propaganda to promote the intentions that all of the faithful should pray for, in union with the Vicar of Christ… in former epochs, such intentions were always marked with an authentically Catholic tone.
However, these are the intentions of the month of January!!! Intentions of the Holy Father or Jorge Mario Bergoglio? We are not sure. But here at the Denzinger-Bergoglio, we recommend the reading of various studies that further clarify the underlying doctrines of Francis’ thought, spread by the Vatican today.

  1. Society has nothing to profit from the Church’s teachings? What is the much touted ‘culture of encounter’?
  2. Are all, including atheists or those of any religion, children of God?
  3. Are atheists also children of God, capable of doing good just like
  4. Can anyone interpret God as he wishes?
  5. Is there a Catholic God?
  6. Absolute truth does not exist?
  7. Is peace possible without Christ?
  8. Does healthy plurality of religions mean that all religions are equal?
  9. Is conscience the last word on what is good and evil?
  10. The Christian faith is the same as the Muslims’?
  11. Do Catholics and muslims worship the same God?
  12. Sects no longer exist, and now everyone is the ‘church’?
  13. Ecumenism justifies leaving out Jesus Christ in order to pray with Jews and Muslims?
  14. Can Catechesis be compared with yoga or zen?
  15. Why does Francis ask everyone – atheists, communists, muslims, schismatics – to pray for him?
  16. Laudato si’ (III): “I would like to offer Christians a few suggestions for an ecological spirituality”
  17. Good vibes, positive energies, prayers – all the same thing?
  18. Why does Francis ask blessings from heretics and schismatics?
  19. Can the Holy Spirit counsel good with evil?
  20. How should the other Christian churches be considered? Are their priestly ordinations valid?
  21. Is Catholic Education indifferent today?
  22. Does the Old Covenant still exist and is Judaism a valid way of salvation?
  23. Is Ecumenism the harmony of all Christian Faiths?

Help us to spread Catholic doctrine!

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12 thoughts on “Words fail us…

  1. pilgrimdj1, it feels nice to be sentimental. It’s easy, doesn’t give any trouble. Reason obliges one to adopt more difficult ways. But if you stop to imagine that your daughter was one of those poor girls being raped in Cologne, you’d realize what stupid blind sentimentality is worth.
    Remember Troy? It was filled with people who scoffed at those who wanted to use their reason to see beyond the nice harmless horse.

  2. pilgrimdj1, Truth cannot be hidden. Someone needs to admit the Truth. And these brave priests are doing it wonderfully!

  3. I found this most disturbing and sad . I believe Pope Francis is prophetic in his ministry and he is the right man to lead the Church .
    Who are these clerics who seem so afraid of change for the better ?
    For example : to ask the question – ‘ do Catholics worship the same God as Muslims ? ‘ .! Of course they do because there is only One God . How can anyone doubt that the devout Muslim isn’t praying to the Omnipotent God of issac , Abraham and Moses ?

    • Your comment shows exactly how the confusion among Catholics is rampant and why these priests are doing wonderful job. Read the post you commented on, you’ll learn something.

    • pilgrimdj1, your question is a good one.

      Without getting into the complexities of the spiritual world, we can use simple examples in our own life. Let us say that both you and I have a relationship with a friend. You describe him has kind and loving, and I describe him as kind and loving. You describe him as being a doctor who likes fishing, and I describe him as a doctor who likes fishing. Surely you understand that just because all the attributes of your friend match all the attributes of my friend, it does not mean that we are both talking about the same “person.”

      But in this case, we don’t even have similar attributes about our Gods. Our God created a Church founded personally by His Son. Their God did NOT found a church but sent a prophet with a revelation. Our God gave us a priesthood and a meal to be intimately united with Him. Their God did not provide a priesthood (based on their Koran) and has never indicated anything close to a person and intimate union between you and Him through anything, let alone a meal! The worst that Our God commanded us to do with those who do not believe is brush off the dirt from our sandals and leave. Their God advocates forced conversion or death.

      It is nice to be sentimental, but this cannot trump reason. The only way one can believe that we believe in, pray to, or worship the same God is to ignore any and all rational arguments of the glaringly obvious differences in the faiths professed.

      • “It is nice to be sentimental, but this cannot trump reason. The only way one can believe that we worship the same God is to ignore any and all rational arguments.”


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