Recent events make the Dz-B even more relevant!

Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria with Pope Francis at the Vatican in 2013 (CNS)

‘Pope Francis to Pope Tawadros: ecumenism of blood unites us’ – that’s the title given by Radio Vaticana to the message from Pope Francis to the head of the Coptic orthodox church. Sent from the Vatican three days ago (May 10, 2015), the message marks two years since Tawadros’ visit to the Holy See.

The same news item by Radio Vaticana highlights two parts of the message: “‘Today more than ever we are united by the ecumenism of blood, which further encourages us on the path towards peace and reconciliation,’ writes Pope Francis. ‘I assure you and the Christian community in Egypt and throughout the Middle East of my unceasing prayer,’ continues Pope Francis, promising to remember in particular the Coptic faithful recently martyred for their Christian faith.”

Yesterday’s post on the Catholic Herald words the same event like this: “Ecumenism of blood unites us, Francis tells Coptic pope.” And adds a detail: “During his morning Mass in the chapel of the Domus Sanctae Marthae on Monday, Pope Francis also discussed a telephone conversation he had with Pope Tawadros on the previous day. ‘I remembered his faithful whose throats were slit on the beach (in Libya in February) because they were Christians,’ the Pope said. ‘By the strength the Holy Spirit gave them, these Christians were not scandalised. They died with the name of Jesus on their lips. It was the strength of the Holy Spirit. Witness. It’s true, martyrdom is the supreme witness.'”

And all this brings our study on the ‘ecumenism of blood’ even more into the limelight!

Not to mention that it was published on the (now in English!) Denzinger-Bergoglio just two days before the message, on May 8…

Besides the usual quality marked by pastoral zeal – no speculation, no opinions, just Church doctrine presented simply with abundant links to the texts cited – the post includes a citation that has not been available on the internet, in English, of Benedict XIV’s important De Servorum Dei beatificatione et Beatorum canonizatione . And also a very clear ‘Doctrinal Complement for Understanding Invincible Ignorance’.

Well worth a read! (here)

And yes, pass it on to your friends – so that they too can understand the recent news.

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