Happiness…Where is it to be found?

The principle end of human existence is happiness. Even without Aristotle’s affirmation of this principle, no one would ever question that there are few things in this life as universal as the natural desire for happiness, which surges forth from the human heart: there is no one who does not desire happiness. The question is where to find it…the options are many and varied.

Within our secularized – and unhappy – society, there is certainly no lack of ‘self-help’ manuals which present diverse alternatives, based either on an indifferent detachment imbued with agnostic ethics or on a dubious philanthropy without God.

On the contrary, since the dawn of Christianity, the Fathers of the Church, and of course, the Magisterium, have pointed out the advantages of transcending the legitimate though transitory joys of this valley of tears, in order to seek the eternal joys ‘where neither moth nor rust consumes and where thieves do not break in and steal’ (Mt 6: 20).
But… have things changed recently.… Read more…

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