Pope Francis asks for good vibes? Where have we reached?

A light word, in certain circumstances is considered normal, for it’s a natural way of making human relationships more pleasant. But, this jesting must be done with equilibrium and respect. Consequently, it’s easy to understand that certain situations do not permit this means of expression, especially by those who hold more elevated positions. For example, what would we think of a Head of State who cracks a joke at the funeral of a victim of terrorism?

As such, the dignity of the Vicar of Jesus Christ is so high, that his mission has always been surrounded by an elevated degree of solemnity, even on occasions that are apparently informal. That’s why some readers wrote to us a little surprised with Francis’ words (which will be analyzed in this post) that were pronounced in a seemingly restricted, informal milieu, but that ended up touching on quite an important topic, becoming well-known due to the widespread interest that modern means of communication arouse about anything like this.

In any event, we end up having to ask ourselves what level of consciousness can be found in the deeper meaning of these words, considering that the great expansion that various forms of religiosity have had in the past few years has been a cause of real concern for zealous pastors. Who are we to judge? But, we would have hoped for at least a little more circumspection in the pronouncements of he who should be the guide for all Catholics. Above all we can only hope there is no grain of truth in such an unfortunate remark… Read more…

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2 thoughts on “Pope Francis asks for good vibes? Where have we reached?

  1. How will Our Lord Jesus Christ look at such an attitude of the Pope??? Is He liking it????

  2. My daughter came home shocked when they started to promote some of these New-Age self-help workshops in my parish. And now we have to hear this from the Pope!!
    Thank you for your your wonderful work. You are simply angels!!

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