The privileged place for the encounter with Jesus Christ is our sins?

When, to a pitcher of water, a tiny drop of poison has been added, no one would claim that it is suitable to drink. This is true also of our spiritual life, in which it is not justifiable to choose the path of mediocrity, establishing a compromise between the pure water of virtue and the poison of sin. Sanctity is a gift from God and is not possible to obtain without his assistance; but it’s also true that to achieve it, the cooperation of our will is necessary, just as Saint Augustine aptly explained: ‘He who formed you without your aid, will not justify you without you – what He made without its own knowledge, He will justify with its desire’ (Sermon 169, 11). So, it’s not enough to just believe and recognize oneself as a sinner, it’s also necessary to make all possible efforts to enter through the narrow gate (Mt 7:13). Go on reading…

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4 thoughts on “The privileged place for the encounter with Jesus Christ is our sins?

  1. It is precisely Faith and good Works that has always been the backbone of a true Catholic and which has kept him soaring high above erroneous philosophies and false religions. However, if humanity is encouraged to live a double life, sinful and godly, both at the same time, I may ask, doesn’t such a way of living have another term — Hypocrisy?

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