The theologian, a doctor of sacred science or a social agent? The difference between studying Revelation, and studying the street…

The mission of a theologian is of prime importance for the growth of the Church, because his conclusions flow from the treasure of Revelation and from delving attentively into the wisdom found in the depths of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The whole Church rejoices when a true theological reflection brings clearly into light an obscure aspect of doctrine or opens a new path to deepen our knowledge of the richness of our faith.

So sublime is the theologian’s task that, according to Saint Thomas, he is raised above earth and are close to heaven by the elevation of his doctrine, being the first to receive the rays of divine wisdom.

This is the kind of theologian that for the last two thousand years has been giving fruit in the Church, favoring the evangelization, fomenting the fervor of the faithful, and providing the basis for the apologetics of the faith.

Nonetheless, certain recent notions on the way of being of a theologian suggest a different vision, in which they would be more like agents of social assistance, inspired by expressions of unclear significance.

So…what type of theologian does the Church really need? Read on…

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