WE’VE REACHED 100!!! And have a present for you…

March 13, 2013…A few minutes after eight o’clock in the evening, Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran appeared on the balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica announcing to the world the election of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church. A few weeks before, Benedict XVI had surprised everyone with his sudden resignation from the office as Bishop of Rome, Successor of St. Peter. This happening was as unexpected as “a lightening bolt in a clear sky”, as Cardinal Angelo Sodano commented in his address to the renouncing Pope directly following the shocking news.

The first appearance of the new Vicar of Christ was sufficient for all to perceive that a new era had begun, characterized by his unusual way of living and projecting the papacy. Ever since the first day of his pontificate, Francis surprised everyone by his words, as well as his gestures. This change — which some perceived as a positive breath of fresh air in the ecclesiastical circles, supposedly lacking during the last months of Benedict XVI’s reign — quickly went from perplexity to concern, then to blatant disorientation for many who perceived that the most undeniable Catholic truths were being questioned, both from within and without.

The audacity of his gestures — which some see as calculated with ominous goals — together with an ambiguous and confused way of transmitting doctrine, in contrast with the crystalline Magisterium of the previous popes, has raised concern among many sheep of the Lord’s flock. Who is Francis? What is his goal? The fervent, or even hysterical applause of those who in previous pontificates attacked the Church for its fidelity to the Truth of Christ, was coupled with an impression that something new was being transmitted. Soon an abundance of news items tried to give the faithful the idea that the Vicar of Christ would soon be applying radical changes to the deposit of the Faith, to its moral precepts and to the already bi-milennary pastoral practice … In response to the turmoil, there were only perplexing words for the faithful — not to mention directives with a ambiguous connotation that few could really understand — coupled with smiles, hugs, and gestures of approval for those who had attacked the Church earlier. Disorientation, perplexity, indignation, scruples, worries and desperation…. the faithful reacted in the most varied manners with regards to the situation created by “Hurricane Francis”.

Faced with this state of affairs, the shepherds in contact with the ‘little flock’ had to struggle to clear up the doubts of their sheep in the midst of such chaos. With this objective, there was no better recourse than the most secure source, the Magisterium of the Church. Consequently, the “Denzinger-Bergoglio” was born, bringing together a group of acquaintances — Spanish priests, who were undergoing the same difficulties, and who shared the same concerns. With the blessings of the Lord, we admit that our network of friends has grown more than we ever imagined. Amongst these are an ever-growing group of English speaking clerics – that started out from an initial core of US priests – who are behind the English DzB.

After several months, we have reached a centenary, with one hundred studies analyzing diverse affirmations of Francis, in contrast with the two thousand years of Church teaching; from the Sacred Scriptures to a total of 54 popes, 10 Councils, 25 Fathers of the Church, 15 Doctors and several fundamental Church texts, as well as the pronouncements of Roman Congregations, the Episcopal Magisterium, and various Saints.

We would like to thank our many readers and followers, as well as those who have helped us by sending documentation with less divulged affirmations of Francis, or priceless videos which are difficult to find, all of which has been useful for the consolidation of our theses. We wish to greet the many priests from around the world who belong to our network, and those who have sent words of encouragement and prayers.

So much has occurred since March 13, 2013… And we are already on the way to a second ‘centenary’….But as you can imagine, this is a slow and painstaking task. However, given the volume of our studies, and to facilitate apologetic research, we would like to commemorate the hundredth post of the “Denzinger-Bergoglio_EN” with a compilation of the studies in PDF format. Once again we especially request your collaboration, with the most valuable assistance — your prayers, but also by the promulgation of this digital book. Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam!

Download the PDF book in .zip format here

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12 thoughts on “WE’VE REACHED 100!!! And have a present for you…

  1. These studies are simply mindblowing. There isn’t anything as well done as this on the internet. You guys need to be congratulated for this work.

  2. I hope you do not get to the next centenary – that you never have book two with the next hundred studies. And the only way for that to happen is that God takes Pope Francis to his eternal reward soon (wherever that may be).

  3. I am so thankful that the Holy Spirit led me to this wonderful and much needed website for this confusion times! And we all know that confusion is not from God. Since I am new to this website, and didn’t know if you see the homily at St. Patricks Cathedral during his visited to the US…. He said “the failure of the Cross”???

    Pope Francis’ Homily at St. Patrick’s Cathedral
    The English translation of Pope Francis’ homily during vespers at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, as releas…

    • Yes, I too was outraged by the ‘failure’ of the Cross. And I know many others who share the same feelings. Please, do look into the matter. Thank you Connie for the indication!

      • Keep praying and with charity share the truth my friends….the Holy Spirit will lead all people of good will to the truth. Thank you to the people who put all this information togeather.

    • “humanly speaking …” ending up on the Cross is a failure. This is correct. We have to watch the pope’s words. We have to pay special attention to the details.

      • Great. So now its the people’s fault that every second thing that Francis says favors those who attack the Church. Its the people’s fault that the entire world media always gleefully finds in his words a suggestion that all that the Church has done in two thousand years is over and done with. You are just one of those of the other catholic sites either have no guts to admit the truth or who have sold out to the devil and try to find an excuse for everything Francis does.

      • Hey Sarah, let’s be a little more pastoral – instead of obliging the simple people to read the fine print and to have extensive knowledge of theology, how about having a clergy that speaks the truth out clearly?

      • Dear Sister, please also pay special attention to the details of the posts. The Fathers are simply presenting Catholic doctrine as it is, so that people have guidance and are not confused. Many catholics do not know all the little points of the doctrine, and so get confused with the complicated little details that are easy for learned people like you. So these posts help a lot. Please do not imagine more than that.

  4. I would like to say a very special thanks for all your love for the Church. it would not be possible to put together this work without a love that is overflowing. God bless you!

  5. Thank you for all the time and effort that went into this. Truth and love are blessings from God and when someone is teaching error or their own opinion as truth they are hurting people.

    Francis has many good qualities but it is clear he has and is leading people into error.

  6. Congratulations!! It is very heartening to know that there are people like like you sent by God to help us in this confusion. Did you see the intentions that the Vatican published? I almost fainted. Could you please publish something about it?

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