Francis misquotes John Paul II once again

In the first part of this study, undertaken by our specialist in Social Doctrine, we examined the “peculiar” use that Francis made of some references from John Paul II’s Encyclical Laborem exercens. One of the points that still remains to be dealt with is regarding an affirmation of the Polish Pontiff: “the right to private property is subordinated to the right to common use, to the fact that goods are meant for everyone” – a fact that was brought up and taken advantage of by the current Bishop of Rome in his controversial Encyclical Laudato Si’. Read on…

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3 thoughts on “Francis misquotes John Paul II once again

  1. Misquoting another pope and a saint in an ‘official’ document – how much further must we go before Francis is locked up in a monastery to do penance?

  2. Imagine that. He simply twists Saint John Paul II’s words to suit his conveniences. This is fiendish.

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