The Pope’s latest video… is it Catholic?

With only a few minor delays – perhaps owing to last-minute changes in order to forestall more public disquiet than what has already been stirred up in the Catholic world by these videos – the third of the ‘Pope’s video’ series was recently put on air to ‘share the intentions of the month: for children and families in difficulty’.

Even so, the disquiet over the video that came out on the 10th still shows no signs of quieting down… Click here.

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3 thoughts on “The Pope’s latest video… is it Catholic?

  1. Just like the previous video. That’s why he gets so much publicity from the press – the same press that always attacked our good pope Benedict.

  2. It takes time and money to make these things. So they are not off the spot remarks. No one can claim that Francis does not mean each and every one of those maliciously calculated words.

    • Exactly. With these videos even Francis’ die-hard defenders have no way to say a word about being misunderstood or of particular circumstances that need to be taken into account.

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