Francis praises abortionists — is that why Obama is so happy with him?

The scandal of the “Planned Parenthood” has spread through the entire world, with its videos that openly transact the selling of fragments of assassinated infants’ bodies. Cecile Richards is the president of this organization, which claims to promote “the health of woman and the rights of reproduction”, at the cost of the killing of innocent children…a cluster of cells, they call them; and they certainly have no shame to sell them.

Cecile was presented a few days ago by Obama as “a real life super hero.

Obama— Muslim or Protestant no one is sure — wished to visit the Catholic Cathedral in Buenos Aires as “a clear gesture of recognition of Francis” (La Nación, March 20, 2016), to whom he sent a message with his “warmest congratulations” (Vatican Radio, March 13, 2016) on the third anniversary of his Pontificate. During his visit to the Cathedral of Buenos Aires, the local archbishop accompanied Obama for he was “one of the men of Bergoglio’s greatest confidence” (La Nación, March 20, 2016).

As has been observed, there appears to be many similarities between Francis and Obama. The former recently raised the abortionist Emma Bonino (see here) as an example for the women of our time, in Italy. Obama, claiming to be a faithful disciple of Bergoglio — which is not the same as being a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ — exalts Cecile Richards.

Is this a coincidence?

From abortionists, of any kind, libera nos Dómine!

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