Ramadan produces spiritual fruits?

Every year, the Church unites herself with the mystery of Jesus in the desert through the celebration of Lent. Just as Christ wished to fast and overcome the temptations of the demon during forty days, in a similar manner, during lent, Catholics have a particularly favorable period of time geared toward the spiritual exercises and works of piety and charity. All of this is oriented toward Easter and makes us relive the sorrowful moments of the Passion of the Lord, while at the same time strengthening our hope within the perspective of the Resurrection. It is, therefore, a time of conversion whereby the faithful are exhorted to transform their way of living in conformity with the Gospel, through the liturgy, and utilizing the ‘arms of the Christians’: prayer, fasting and alms.

Even though the Muslims have a manner of prayer, fasting and alms during the month of Ramadan, their objectives have nothing in common with Lent, since they do not take into consideration the value of the precious Blood of Christ, which is indispensable in order to make the sacrifices of mankind agreeable to God. Consequently, though some people attempt to put the two celebrations on equal footing, one may easily concludes that Ramadan is really just a caricature of Lent…

What should we think, then, of a Christian who congratulates those who celebrate Ramadan? Perhaps, the same that we would think of one who congratulates another for have made useless efforts…that is, not considering that their ‘prayers’ are an offense to Christ, that their alms are only meant to aid their co-religionaries and that their fasting is has nothing to do with curbing sensuality. More on DenzingerBergoglio…

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  2. WordPress doesn’t let me comment on this. They probably think that any commentary on these guys is offensive.

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