The Gospel or the world… who has the last word?

My sheep hear my voice; I know them, and they follow me’ (Jn 10:27). No one can but be enchanted at the sight of a flock led by its shepherd. What especially impresses us is the sheep’s obedience toward their guide – we can be entirely certain that God created things this way above all to serve as an image of a higher reality: the Holy Catholic Church, instituted by Christ in two categories of faithful, the Shepherds who represent the Good Shepherd – and the sheep. The Shepherds of the Holy Church are the beacons set by Christ in the world, to guide the faithful along the good path of virtue and sanctity, until they reach their heavenly home.

What happens when the Shepherds cease being the light and guide of the peoples, and adapt to their sheep, not in the Gospel spirit, but rather, in keeping with worldly standards? Read more….

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