Are vast evangelization projects for defeated generals?

There is a brief observation we would like to make to Francis. It can be noted in his prolific pronouncements that he often mentions the Church as if it were merely a socio-economic organization, rather than a divine institution. There is almost no situation or aspect of the Church that he has spared criticism. He has alleged the need for a “decentralization of the Papacy”; he has shown himself hostile to the hierarchy in declaring that “women are more than the bishops”; he insulted the Roman Curia, labeling it “the plague of the papacy”; and a long et cetera could follow. He voices all this criticism with the purported intention of ‘helping God’s people’! He is notorious for having removed Christ even from the Gospel, by affirming that “the poor are at the center of the Gospel”.

In these times of confusion, religious orphanhood and secularism, the faithful need to hear, more than ever before, the Word of God proclaimed strongly and clearly. But Bergoglio is the first to lash out at those who do so, accusing them of distancing Catholics from the Gospel…

It has been said that the stained-glass windows of the cathedrals were ‘the Gospel of the poor’, since all could learn of Christ’s life through their depictions. Today, when so often Christ is relegated to a secondary plane, the liturgy must be celebrated with reverence and dignity so that it speaks of God’s greatness and love in a manner accessible to all. When Mass is celebrated in keeping with the norms proper to it, the Church is respected and God is reverenced. Nevertheless, those who love the liturgy and celebrate it with dignity, are tagged as “worldly and ostentatious” by Francis.

Those who spare neither time nor effort in a conscious and structured endeavor to rescue the afflicted from the grasp of the evil one receive the title of “defeated generals”. But we ask, are religious indifference and the current hostility to Christianity really such easy adversaries to overcome? When souls are being lost by the droves, isn’t it the case to develop an out-and-out battle plan to win them back? Were the organized evangelizing efforts of so many saints, like Saint Francis Xavier and Saint Vincent de Paul, really disconnected from the real lives and difficulties of the people, and a cause for shame in the Church’s History?

Perhaps Bergoglio would do well to think before he speaks and writes. For our part, what we do find ostentatious is presuming to criticize the Church’s two thousand-year past, and considering oneself a sort of new ‘redeemer’ – as if the Father had promised another after Jesus Christ… Rather, we were cautioned to be wary of such folks. Read more…

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One thought on “Are vast evangelization projects for defeated generals?

  1. Many people say “He talks off the cuff” or slip of the tongue – no, he speaks from his heart with evil intent. His close friend and advisor said “He wants to change people’s mindset”. He hammers us with all these untruths, contradicts even the Word of God, plain heresies and even blasphemies. Who defends Pope Francis? Who defends Jesus Christ and his Truths?? The time has come to get in line into the footsteps to follow Christ the Lord. Thank you and may the Lord bless you abundantly for clarity and truth on your website. I will always pray for you faithful and courageous priests. Praise be to Jesus Christ now and forever.

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