Ukraine and Francis: a thousand years of heroic fidelity to Rome trampled underfoot by the Bishop of Rome?

Recently in Cuba, in the presence of the tyrant Raúl Castro, a joint declaration was signed by Bergoglio and Kirill, Patriarch schismatic Russian church, and ex- KGB agent (see article).


The declaration proposes that Catholics and schismatics work together…under which shepherd? It is not clear whether they would join forces under the command of Christ or under that of wolves in Shepherds clothes… In the former case, that of being with Christ, there should have been mention of the schismatics’ need to reconcile with Rome, but we already know that Francis is not overly worried about that.

For centuries, a good part of the Ukrainians have understood exactly what Francis seems to have forgotten. And they fought and suffered to keep united to the Only Shepherd and remain within the flock of the Holy Church despite many persecutions. The Ukrainians are a people who have shed their blood for their faith, been tortured for their fidelity, and persecuted for following Christ. They deserve, then, the admiration of the Catholic world, and above all, need the support of the Vicar of He for whom they have given their lives…

400 years ago, Ukrainians who had been forced to join the schism, reconciled with Rome through the famous “Union of Brest”. The Ukrainian Bishops saw the Union as the first step toward the return of the entire Greek-schismatic church, which would put an end to the division that had started in 1054. But specific groups were violently opposed to this excellent plan: the Protestants, Muslims, and schismatic Russians. The Patriarchs of Moscow, and later, the communists (with the support and total complicity of the erroneously self-proclaimed ‘orthodox’ Church), sought to eliminate the Catholic Church from their territory.


The Denzinger-Bergoglio would like to present the historical facts of the past, both remote and recent. And we want to tell our Ukrainian brethren that their blood was not shed in vain, and that it is cherished by true Catholics, including the Denzinger-Bergoglio and collaborators. The fidelity of the Ukrainians serves as a model and stimulus for Catholics throughout the entire world.

Some final questions must also be resolved. Why is Bergoglio a friend of Kirill? What kind of ecumenism does Bergoglio wish to establish with him? Who benefits from it? Click for more…

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5 thoughts on “Ukraine and Francis: a thousand years of heroic fidelity to Rome trampled underfoot by the Bishop of Rome?

  1. Thank you Fathers for this wonderful study about our Ukrainian people. We feel betrayed by Pope Francis, but we have been through many betrayals in our history and we know that God will always be with us if we continue to fight for him and our beautiful Catholic Faith. I believe God will raise up a Pope who will reward and cherish the Ukrainian people, but for now we need to keep on fighting. The Russians are communists that persecute the Catholic Church and people, we cannot let them overcome us! Francis should open his eyes and stay away from such false “friends” they will destroy him as well…. unless he is planning on becoming a full fledged communist… Pray for us Fathers and thank you for your support in a time of treason.

  2. Francis is simply BETRAYING the catholics of Ukraine. If for other reason, then this itself would suffice to put him among the Judases of history.

    • More than that, he is betraying JESUS CHRIST. And in thousands of ways. Judas is small fry in comparison with Francis.

  3. Carry on Fathers! I guess you all must be going through a lot of pressure to make yourselves known. However, this magnificent work is a clear expression of your fidelity. As well as your anonymity, is a necessity for you to continue in this work robustly. You have brought forward to us so much clarity and sound Catholic doctrine. And have held the true Faith of many Catholics, who would otherwise have despaired looking at the present circumstances. A Thank you to all in the Denzinger-Bergoglio Team and God Bless you all!

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