Do not watch this

Are you worried about the state of the Catholic family, immoral education and the future of your children? Are you alarmed by the new anti-christian laws of your country, of Europe, of the world? Are you sad with the situation of the priestly, religious vocations, the clergy in general? Are you afflicted by the attacks on the churches, priests, and on all that is catholic? Are you disturbed by the growing religious hatred against the Christians in the entire world? If these questions mean something to you, do not watch this…

Let’s await a word from those who accuse Pius XII for having shut his eyes before the Nazi atrocities…

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11 thoughts on “Do not watch this

  1. Oh, sure! A group of overpaid people are really going to make society better! And what about your children being murdered in Europe and abroad, Holy Father? What about your Priest who was murdered in France? What about the Traditionalist Church in France being raided by French Riot Police? What about those Jihadists coming over masquerading as migrants (the same that you want to come here to Europe)? Have you never heard of the liberty and exultation of Holy Mother Church, Your Holiness?

  2. The newest heresy! Not only does he deny that peace comes from a society that practices the 10 commandments, but he replaces virtue and grace with sports!!!! Even the heretics St. Augustine, St. Dominic, St. Robert Bellermine had to confront would be shocked with this! No religious leader has ever gone so far! And he wants us to believe he is the pope….

  3. I wonder if all these little videos are elements of the prophesied One World Religion… Setting the scene so to speak, or just wooing the future participants?

  4. Just what we need when ISIS is licking its chops instead of its wounds: Our Holy Father doing a Nike Commerical! (Or is it for Gatorade?)

    • The poor muslim freaks do not understand the benefits that sports can bring about. Wonder whether the pope-video is translated for them?

  5. Jesus is bleeding with all the persecutions, hatred against the Catholic Church in the entire world and the Head of the Church is playing with his words…. Are you not washing your hands as Pilate did?

  6. Francis says it is wrong to equate violence with Islam, adding that “I do not believe that it is true or right that Islam is terrorist.” Well then, I say the little girl once said, ‘Look, the Emperor is wearing no clothes!!!’ Evidence can’t be denied.

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