Bergoglian ‘diversified unity’: does it have anything to do with Christ?

Among the bizarre principles of bergoglian philosophy is this nugget: “unity is greater than conflict”. The consequences of this pseudo-principle are explained in Evangelii Gaudium, which claims to indicate the direction of Francis’ pontificate: we find expressions like “communion amid disagreement”, “friendship in society”, “multifaceted unity” and many others that, although deliberately ambiguous as Francis’ ideas and gestures have always been, nonetheless still permit an attentive observer to discern their true meaning.

En passant, it is noteworthy that someone who tries to appear as perfectly accessible to all – as a pastor who uses a telephone in order to reply to those who write to him, who devotes more time to greetings than to instruction when he meets pilgrims – prefers to keep one of the primary aspects of his doctrine shrouded in a nebulous mystery…. For what reason?

The Denzinger-Bergoglio has already studied other aspects of this false unity. Especially worth mention are our studies on Francis’ toxic “doctrine of the polyhedron” and the much touted “hymn of peace.” Now it is time to analyze one more aspect.

I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me’ (Jn 14:6) said the Lord. Yet, in attempting to find ‘communion amid disagreement’ — as Bergoglio teaches in his Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii gaudii — he proposes the possibility of ‘ways’ that lead to life, and not solely ‘the Way,’ which is Christ. Bergoglio also seeks a unity that is greater than conflict, but a unity based on a ‘friendship in society’ and, therefore, one not centered on the Person of Our Divine Redeemer. Is he insinuating that a ‘friendship in society’ disconnected from Christ be a ‘way’ superior to Christ, the Way? What does Francis’ ‘friendship in society’ consist of? Does it consist of the true friendship, of wishing the best for one’s neighbor, that is, the salvation of his soul? Or does Francis dream of a world where all enjoy the absence of war so as to more easily offend God as they please…and afterward suffer the torments of eternal hellfire? To us this does not seem to be a very a ‘friendly’ manner for a shepherd to tend his sheep!

The unfailing Magisterium of the Church is always very clear, and offers us all that we need in this time of confusion. More…

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