Did the Church stop looking to Jesus Christ?

“About Jesus Christ and the Church, I simply know they’re just one thing, and we shouldn’t complicate the matter,” replied Saint Joan of Arc during her trial (cf. CCC 795), evidencing impressive theological precision – despite her lack of education – that was due to her great union with the Divine Savior.

Indeed, Jesus Christ confided to his Church the mission of enlightening all peoples, announcing the Good News of salvation. This same light, however, pleases some and troubles others: ‘For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come toward the light, so that his works might not be exposed’(Jn 3:20). Being lumen Christi in the world means manifesting the truth, but it also implies denouncing error.

What would we think then, if someone were to accuse the light of a kind of spiritual conceited narcissism in fulfilling exactly that which is proper to its condition of being light?…Read on…

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