Does Catholic Education not matter anymore?

Saint John Chrysostom compares the education of a child with the fashioning of a wonderful statue for God. According to this Doctor of the Church, the privileged mission confided to parents is to bring their child to the practice of virtue, teaching it to love the true God and ‘to mark all that it says and does with the sign of the cross.’

Omission in this field – without doubt one of the most important – produces the sad results that we experience in today’s society. And that’s why the Popes have not hesitated to qualify such omission as dangerous, harmful, unjust and even as a serious fault.
Therefore, even if one hears that the most important thing is not letting children go hungry or giving them an education, is it true that we can be indifferent to the religious education of children? Is it enough to give them bodily nourishment in order to fulfill the mission that the Lord confided to parents? If they are educated in any religious belief, will they end up being good Christians?

All of these questions have already been answered by the divinely wise Magisterium of the Church; and even if certain statements to please people far and wide are made, we do possess the necessary elements to make the right choice. Read further…

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