The self-denominated ‘Archbishop of Uppsala, dear sister’: How far will ecumenical dialogue go?

‘There will be one flock, one shepherd’ (Jn 10:16)…This was Christ’s desire in leaving the mandate for the Apostles to ‘proclaim the gospel to every creature’ (Mk 16:15). However, throughout history, some sheep have gone astray from the flock and ‘quite large communities came to be separated from full communion with the Catholic Church’ (Unitatis Redintegratio, no. 3), tearing apart the unity of the seamless tunic of Christ. The Catholic Church – universal and necessary for salvation – just as the Good Shepherd, doesn’t hesitate to accept back the sheep who wish to return to the unity of the flock, dialoguing with them. But, within this dialogue, may the Church cease to be Herself, hiding Her doctrine and the identity of Her faith from separated Christians, for the sake of a misinterpreted ecumenism?

Is shamelessly holding cordial relations with those who uphold a pseudo feminine priesthood true ecumenism, or merely an accord which is obviously harmful to the faith?

At the very least, doesn’t it constitute an untimely indifference with respect to the Catholic Episcopate, to speak of the ‘need to seek and promote unity in their dioceses, parishes and communities across the whole world,’ comparing it in a surreptitious manner to the feminine pseudo episcopate? Let’s remember a little of the Catholic teaching with respect to these themes… Read further on…

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